Rostii @ 9/3/2012 17:23 commented on Tile Set 2 -Graveyard-

 proud of you hiuru

Rostii @ 10/4/2010 21:42 commented on Family Trees

Aw man, thats awesome. I was going to do something exactly like this awhile back. I only got to the 4th tree though.
Very cool.

Rostii @ 10/3/2010 22:40 commented on Family Photo

I am 101% sure that it does not break into the square, but I can still move it if you wish.


Rostii @ 9/29/2010 18:52 commented on "The Long Goodbye"

Thats pretty sick, nice.

Rostii @ 9/29/2010 18:51 commented on Shadow of the Sushi Mockup


How close is the sun? those shadows are massive!

Rostii @ 9/23/2010 20:05 commented on TycoonTower



The only thing im wondering is how did they get on those floors? there are no elevators or stairs... :o

Rostii @ 9/13/2010 21:26 commented on washing


Mainly just the sketch right away thing, but breaking out the skittles sounds nice.

Rostii @ 9/13/2010 19:27 commented on washing

yeah, no problem.

Rostii @ 9/13/2010 19:16 commented on washing

yeah dawg, thats what i did 3:
@UltraDoggy When you submit your art, there is a tick box to place it into the weekly contest, but it has to have all the characteristics needed or else it wont be accepted

Rostii @ 9/13/2010 15:04 commented on washing


Awesome... I am definetly entering this.

Rostii @ 8/20/2010 20:36 commented on Last Thing You Will See

Arlight, I fixed the dithering issue, while adding some other cool things.

Rostii @ 8/20/2010 16:37 commented on Because he was forced to.

Ahh, yeah I found that out after I re submitted it

Rostii @ 8/19/2010 20:38 commented on Alarshak

interesting creature, very slimey. It kinda reminds me of some sort of oil monster.

Rostii @ 8/11/2010 18:24 commented on Sad Robin

The face looks really realistic, but the hair throws it off... D:

Rostii @ 7/20/2010 21:36 commented on Splashing in sauce

Can you please show proof that this "sauce" is epic?!



Rostii @ 7/18/2010 12:07 commented on Go Ahead, make my day
love this, excellent texture.

Rostii @ 7/9/2010 11:56 commented on Iso Mockup

Thanks for the constructive critisism, it really helps.

I think that dark blue makes a good color to ramp towards shading. I guess ill try that.

Rostii @ 7/8/2010 20:00 commented on X-Mas tree animation

The glitters in the bottom left of the tree look very un natural, but it has very smooth animation.


Rostii @ 7/8/2010 19:57 commented on Mansel.In.Distress

I agree somewhat with Jeremy, the ground and wood colors are very similar, I think that it would look better if the ground was less noisy and the wood was more imphasized.

Very cool peice though.

Rostii @ 7/8/2010 19:54 commented on Green Armor Girl

This looks pretty good, but I REALLY think you could have used less colors.

Rostii @ 7/8/2010 19:52 commented on Cyber SpySpider 2020; 5Mpix mic 6core

It looks kinda pillow shaded, love the description :P

Rostii @ 7/6/2010 22:33 commented on 1 Pixel

counterfit money?!? im calling the fuzz!

cool hehe

Rostii @ 7/6/2010 20:15 commented on kitty

I believe this animal needs more emphasize around the hip area.


Rostii @ 7/1/2010 20:16 commented on Wesnoth units - updated

The staff seems kinda choppy to me, maybe try making the staff a little thicker, to add some AA?

Other than that its cool.

Rostii @ 7/1/2010 20:13 commented on Lennon

I couldnt tell he was walking at first lol. But the animation looks awesome. I would definetly play this game if / when it comes out.