Goodlyay @ 12/30/2019 07:00 commented on Chpockman

Goodlyay @ 12/16/2019 19:05 commented on THWOMP!

This is awesome, I love the face and expression

Goodlyay @ 11/15/2019 13:10 commented on Big Bird

Why was this accepted to the gallery? It's clearly using non pixel art automatic blending.

Goodlyay @ 10/29/2019 04:56 commented on Witchbich

hello teemu

Goodlyay @ 8/5/2019 12:40 commented on Shakin!

awww that's cute

Goodlyay @ 7/30/2019 16:22 commented on Asset Mockup

The sword wielding guy reminds me a lot of Flynn.

Background looks lovely

Goodlyay @ 6/20/2019 00:12 commented on One piece of a larger picture

The blue backlight is cool, reminds me of owlboy or snake's art style in general.

Definitely watch for banding though, you've got it all over and it adds an undesiredable blur effect

Some examples in red here; but there's plenty more:

And a quick example of how you might go about fixing the banding:

Essentially you want to break up the clusters so they aren't exactly hugging and creating the blur/staircase effect. In this case I've trimmed them a bit so that they appear as anti-aliasing (smoothed out but still sharp)

Related thread:

Goodlyay @ 5/26/2019 11:23 commented on Dorian the Mole

It's so cute

Goodlyay @ 5/23/2019 21:15 commented on bowl o' udon

Super crisp! Looks delicious.

Goodlyay @ 5/14/2019 19:02 commented on CT mockup

Lovely stuff! I have to admit the weird big-head character threw me off though. Rest is great

Goodlyay @ 4/13/2019 commented on Big Bird

yea, I reported that piece too. Got a "failure of delivery" email.

Goodlyay @ 4/2/2019 17:57 commented on help in writing an essay

This is a spam post by a bot. The pony animation is ripped from something called "Desktop Ponies". Please report this post

Goodlyay @ 3/16/2019 22:28 commented on New tiles

@Everyone thanks for the comments!

It's mostly zelda inspired, the pokemon comes from the way the cliffs fit together.

Goodlyay @ 3/14/2019 04:41 commented on Zanzibar

the sultan of oman lives in zanzibar now

Goodlyay @ 3/8/2019 06:00 commented on Ghost animation

Would be nice if you credited the tutorial you copied

Goodlyay @ 2/25/2019 03:41 commented on untitled

Dunno what this is but it's pretty neat. I like the presentation of the outstretched hand

Goodlyay @ 1/11/2019 22:00 commented on The Machine Stops

Fantastic piece.

déjà vu

Goodlyay @ 12/22/2018 04:09 commented on mountain view

So small but lovely colors and clusters!

Goodlyay @ 11/28/2018 01:41 commented on Egg of Death

Most of the cat's mouth is lower resolution than the rest of the image. The top right of the mouth has random smoother pixels on it.

Goodlyay @ 11/23/2018 00:27 commented on Egg of Death

Looks cool, except the mixed resolution

Goodlyay @ 10/1/2018 19:41 commented on Raributt

I should have said this years ago, but I love this! Please make more ponies

Goodlyay @ 9/23/2018 14:36 commented on Magua. The last of the Mohicans

What an enticing yet misleading preview

Goodlyay @ 9/16/2018 12:54 commented on Big Bird

Let's not make fun of a beloved man who is likely dead

Goodlyay @ 9/16/2018 02:22 commented on Ruined Castle

I immediately thought of Skeddles' piece as well, haha.

Goodlyay @ 9/11/2018 19:54 commented on Secret Agent

If you need your background to be a specific flat color so it works regardless of site theme, that's a valid reason, and rule 8 doesn't apply