Niss @ 12/30/2010 06:21 commented on her sweet child's favourite food [secret santa 2010]

I am liking this a lot - great stuff!

Niss @ 12/9/2010 02:28 commented on Process

I love those colors

Niss @ 11/4/2010 01:55 commented on Killroller

This is awesome!

You set a great mood with the brown/dark background which lets the light pop out nicely.

Niss @ 11/2/2010 02:14 commented on Ferret Space Pirate

whoa, absolutely stunning!

Niss @ 9/17/2010 07:08 commented on BIG O, IT'S SHOW TIME!

Excellent, I like it a lot!

Niss @ 9/7/2010 00:39 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Mr.B.O.B!

I hope you have a great one

Niss @ 8/20/2010 02:56 commented on Medusozoa Cucurbitaceae

just gotta love everything that uses orange so boldly!

Niss @ 8/19/2010 10:12 commented on Octoad

That looks great cure!

Colors and the idea are very cool, my only nitpick might be the jagged look of the back outline on the back - mind, the pixel placing itself is sound there, it only looks jagged because of the large black shading block(the black outline on the front part works fine because of the birght shades next to it). Secondary lightsource or other shading would easily fix that. Just a small nitpick tho.

Adorable slimey bugger!

Niss @ 8/8/2010 01:00 commented on 8 Color Club Faces

Nice looking, those faces!

The hidden thing is wicked :)

Niss @ 7/24/2010 08:40 commented on summer place

Thanks everyone for your feedback, especially the crits! Very much appreciated, I missed this place :)

Niss @ 7/20/2010 02:09 commented on dude, get yourself some sunglasses!

Heh, this has a very nice atmosphere, I like it a lot.

There are however two small nitpicks I have:

Due to the shadows the character is hard to decipher, is it some sort of centaur or what is going on with the lower body? You could clarify it with a soft secondary light to touch the silouette/outlines of the character on the right side.

At the very center of the picture you are abstracting the clouds into almost graffitti-like ornamental structures. I feel this destroys the distinctive look of the coulds. If you wanna add these decorative elements I'd rather add them at the fringes of the clouds, where the illumination on them is down to almost an outline anyway. While the most strongly illuminated cloud cluster retains its "cloud-shape". Kinda like dithering with shapes.

Anyways, great stuff!

edit: doh I get it now, he is sitting on a donkey. I totally managed to look past it.

Niss @ 3/4/2008 06:41 commented on Rust Mesa
Jawdropping! I love it, you transfered the atmosphere perfectly. Thanks for the visual stimulant.

Niss @ 2/25/2008 05:37 commented on Bad Day?
Heh this is actually one of the pieces I did a drawing on paper before - anyway it's like super old. I have done lots of drawings since. Care to elaborate tho?

Niss @ 6/29/2007 04:59 commented on Mr. Niceguy 2
Ugh that doesn't look ver nice :( A shame really - it's like blasphemy or something 0_o

Niss @ 6/19/2007 06:07 commented on Mr. Niceguy 1
@adam: so you have an image filled with one colour? How... interesting

Niss @ 6/17/2007 13:15 commented on Big Bird
unless you think that this is mostly "adding noise"...

Niss @ 6/17/2007 12:37 commented on Big Bird
You can actually do quite funny things with these translation loops(I think I did a few thinks with babelfish). It's about the same level as projecting video on a wall, recording it reprojecting it etc. (adding noise like copying good old vhs cassettes). Of course the real fun begins if you do more with the data than adding noise, like scanning the pj chatterbox > translate/loop it > post it to chatterbox > scan the responses > repeat

Niss @ 6/11/2007 08:16 commented on Big Bird
Yeah, the mouse is a bit difficult sometimes - it scrolls damn fast but you can decrease the scroll speed in-game. But I find the game super hard - I never managed to finish it once (of course I never chose the easiest difficulty level since I'm a veteran of xcom 1. Hey I have my pride!). So anybody ever managed to finish it?

Niss @ 6/10/2007 06:13 commented on Big Bird
Say did any of you ever play through X-Com 2 (terror from the deep)? - since I can't get out into the sun I can aswell enjoy a nice game. And some beer. Or just some beer.

Niss @ 6/10/2007 06:08 commented on Big Bird
Ugh I'm soo sunburned :( And today is such lovely weather again. Crap!

Niss @ 5/31/2007 09:23 commented on Big Bird
yeah happy b-day istvan!

Niss @ 5/15/2007 04:30 commented on A demon inside
I really like how you've played with the (well known and heavily technical) trick and made something new. Quite artsy eh? :D

Niss @ 5/4/2007 05:14 commented on Big Bird
To faktalblad and the others too of course :)

Niss @ 5/4/2007 05:08 commented on Big Bird
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU [...] PIXELBLINK [...] Hope you enjoy your bday man!

Niss @ 5/3/2007 05:19 commented on TotemTree
Amazing work - the composition is the strong point here. Not that restricting to 16 colors and achieving such a nice look is a small thing either.