Featured Pixel Artist - jalonso

Ensellitis recently had a sit down with the ISO and background master, the bug only known as Jalonso, to dissect his brain and see what makes it tick, and boy was it interesting to say the least...


PJ (ensellitis): How did you get started in pixel art?
J (jalonso): I got started when I bought the original mac with an 8 inch screen all black and white! I quickly became the icon maker king, lolz. I added them all to iconfactory.com and got good replies so I kept at it.

PJ: What software do you use now?
J: I use photoshop (Tip: Photoshop 5 is the most pixelart friendly) with tablet exclusively. (I do help beta test Pixen at times)

PJ: Why a tablet?
J: control!!!!!!!!!!

PJ: Your backgrounds are amazing, what do you use for inspiration?
J: Thanks. Hmmm, can't say that I ever know when starting. Can be anything though, a color, a comment, an image.

PJ: So you kind of start a piece blind?
J: Maybe, one eye closed more than blind. I always know what I want to explore further. Maybe its animation or a particular palette I found interesting. Other times I just want to practice a specific technique. Perfecting 'scrappy' is not easy, you know XD

PJ: One technique of yours I have noticed is in your ISO work, they are usually very busy. Is there a reason for that?
J: Isometric is set on a specific grid and thus can often end up looking boxy and rigid. By adding everything I can possibly add. From scenes within the scene to textures, shadows and anything that can be included, especially humor. I find makes for a far more interesting piece. I find with ISO its all about the idea. The technical aspects of isometrics are quite simple. I add many details to ISOs in order to blend areas too. AAing in ISO's never looks quite right to me.

PJ: What got you started in ISO?
J: When the Mac OS first updated from The Susan Kare GUI to Copeland GUI. These were all pixelart in ISO.

PJ: So, I am quessing you are a big Mac fan?
J: LOL, not really. I just like to get people's blood boiling. It's like calling something NPA. Beats discussing politics and religion.

Secret confession from Jalonso: I own and use PCs too.

PJ: Ah, so you are a jerk? Just kidding. You are definitely most recognized here as a beetle, how did that come about?
J: My avatar is a pixel version of a tattoo on my arm. Its become my logo/branding image over time.

PJ: Do you have any other tattoos?
J: Yes, I have others. Enough of that, mkay. Over time they have become AAd.

PJ: How old are you?
J: Age is not relevant in a magical interwebs universe! I do however recall serving Jesus dinner when I was a waiter (last supper). If you look at the painting, I'm the shadow on the left. Detail never mentioned in the DaVinci Code.

PJ: We will get back to pixel art then. :P Have you ever done anything for commission?
J: Yes, but I mainly pixel as a hobby. I prefer collaborations above all! Seeing many styles together is the best tutorial.

PJ: Out of choice?
J: I produce more NPA commissions than pixelart ones. They not only pay better, they actually pay!

PJ: I would like to do a little something called "The last of Jalonso," are you up for it?
J:  ???

PJ: What was the last CD you bought?
J: The last CD I bought was The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

PJ: When was the last time you were REALLY mad?
J: When pixelart with "tricks" get through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PJ: What was the last thing you did you were ashamed of?
J: I was really ashamed of Bush winning the Presidency. I saw it all coming! oops, Did I mention Macs rule?

PJ: When was the last time you cried?
J: I'm not emo but I did cry when my mother died.

PJ: What was the last thing that inspired you?
J: At the moment flaber is my inspiration. He has been pushing me to further analyze game art, perspectives and mathematics in particular.

PJ: What was the last hat you wore?
J: Oh noes! This will sound weird. The last hat I wore is a pair of black knitted infant pants that have colored furry balls hanging from the feet. I tie the legs over the head. It looks awesome and gets many comments (all good, hehe) but the truth of it sounds weird!

PJ: Um, that sounds very weird... What happened to the infant??
J: It was delicious!

PJ: Ok, any last thoughts or last words? This is your chance to clear your name!
J: My name is clear :p and no, other than be inclusive not exclusive in all walks of life!


jalonso Bio:

jalonso who is quite possibly the world's oldest pixel artist is currently living in sunny South Florida making pixelart as a hobby. A freelance Art Director for Advertising Agencies, Studios and Corporate Art Departments where he has won numerous advertising awards for varied clients ranging from car manufacturers to pharmaceuticals for print media and online campaigns (spam, lol). jalonso is often found in meetings trying to push pixel art based ideas to clients and just as often failing. His experience working in artistic groups of all manners explain his love for collaborations. He often wonders what pixelart is and believes that its best just to pixel what seems right for the piece at hand and let future art historians figure it all out. 

jalonso has been a member here since 12/01/2005, and since joining has done many great things for this community.

Posted by Ensellitis @ 8/24/2006 17:34  |    37


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varuks (Level 1 Rookie) @ 2/14/2010 09:06

yes he thinks kids are delicious. i prefer grownups better.

Antiboton (Level 8 Odds and Ends) @ 2/5/2009 07:49

Excellent interview! Always is good to know more about those great pixel artist.

I agree with Volcom, will be nice to know his age maybe for inspiration ^_^ But according with the tatto comment and some o f his drawings I think he can't cross the 40's.

volcom (Level 1 Depressed) @ 12/24/2008 12:17
nice interview, old but nice. I wonder how old he really is.....................30...40.....50.....70?!?!?!

fawful (Level 6 Yonkyu) @ 10/18/2008 10:53
That was a bit of crease,jalonso is easily(yet arguabley,as all things are)the best member on this site.

zi-double (Level 9 Necrophiliac) @ 2/28/2008 03:50
kekeke nice and fun interview - for me was very interesting :)

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 10/4/2007 15:57
"J: It was delicious!"

OH MY GOD I actually properly laughed out loud. I sounded like a prat. Omg lawl.

TheRat (Level 1 Gangster) @ 9/7/2007 07:47
I've been away for a long time, but when I was here, jalonso was the greatest help I had.

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 4/20/2007 11:09
my best PJ artist so far.

Kiddo (Level 1 Depressed) @ 2/8/2007 13:02

You must know who Kyle Ceese is Jalonso?

Also I live in FL as well ^,^

I suppose I should say something nice like, your talented or something along those lines but I don't want your head to grow... after all you won't be able to pixel with a huge head.

eckered (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 1/1/2007 16:47

talented bastard >.<

buloght (Level 6 Centaur) @ 11/14/2006 04:45
Jalonso's pixels are blessed by the gods themselves. Talented freak.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/1/2006 11:52
look at all those comments

*is touched*

Sweet_tatas01 (Level 1 Rookie) @ 9/10/2006 16:17

Wow, you are so talented. I've always admired pixal art and I just wish I could do it myself. Hell, I love any kind of computer art. Do you have like any tips or maybe pamplets on how to pixal art? lol

Nice Job,

halfDemon (Level 6 Hitman) @ 8/27/2006 20:43
How did I let this jewel slip by?

Mykola (Level 3 Corporate Drone) @ 8/26/2006 15:14

Oh yeah! Jalonso is one of my favorite artists for sure! Not only is he a real skilled artist with many styles, he always is very supportive.

Nice interview even tho I still don't agree with the PS5 notion :D

Dejital (Level 5 Sniper) @ 8/26/2006 11:00
The Red Hot Chili Peppers? I hope he has every other Chili Peppers album, as this is probably their worst. ><

Akira (Level 5 Sniper) @ 8/25/2006 18:25
more more more more

zAk (Level 3 Stalker) @ 8/25/2006 11:29
Niiiiice - i like reading such interviews... i found this very interesting zAk

Flameruler13 (Level 6 Cannibal) @ 8/25/2006 06:57
not as delicious as the infant though

Flameruler13 (Level 6 Cannibal) @ 8/25/2006 06:56
wow that interweiw....
It was delicious!

fil_razorback (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 8/25/2006 05:33
Cool artist, cool interview =)

Skull (Level 11 CEO) @ 8/25/2006 04:10
/takes notes for further use.

d-p (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/25/2006 01:17
Yeah, interesting interview for sure. I think jalonso is one of the patient and kind members and hes not bigheaded about his skills. cool that he found his way here. And hes always talking about his high age, so we, all other older ones can feel younger, thanks for that, too.

Saboteur (Level 4 Shichikyu) @ 8/24/2006 23:08

Jalonso ALSO sat behind Jesus in the third grade.

Jal scares me with two features. One would be his insane, inane ability to not only know an artist for their art, but for who they are and how they write. It'd be interesting to pop up on IRC as yourself with a different name, and see how long it took the old fart to figure out precisely what you're wearing. He's crazy like that.

The OTHER is his elitism. He and his rule six can take a splendid ride down Niagara falls on the back of a duck, though on one condition: He survives with merely a knock on his head that makes him realise that rules are more just guidelines than law.

He also makes bad people look worse. Damn you, ancient shining example.

sedgemonkey (Level 11 Coelacanth) @ 8/24/2006 22:59
Jalonso hasn't been here for a year yet?  I can't believe that either.

Lawrence (Level 10 Operative) @ 8/24/2006 21:02
12/12/2005??? Wow it feels much longer...

sedgemonkey (Level 11 Coelacanth) @ 8/24/2006 20:50
No doubt about it, Jalonso and Ensellitis know how to rock an interview.  Such a funny and insightful read.

mentos (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 8/24/2006 20:50
Intresting interview :D

Monkey 'o Doom (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/24/2006 19:54
Pwnage interview for a pwnage artist.

Carl Flixen (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 8/24/2006 19:01
it is a joke., but esxcellente work

Scruffs (Level 7 Assassin) @ 8/24/2006 18:44

are you working on anything now? :D

you rock jal, keep on truckin :F

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/24/2006 18:30

cure (Level 11 Bonsai) @ 8/24/2006 18:30
Yes, jal has offered the best crits I've ever recieved.  My pieces wouldn't be half of what they are were it not for Jal.  Remarkable eye he's got.
God>Jalonso>All else.

Badassbill (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/24/2006 18:20
Jalonso>Most. And he's a good judge of pixelart and identifies technique very well.

Ensellitis (Level 11 Sensei) @ 8/24/2006 18:15
we love ya old bug!!!

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