The Official Pixelation Secret Santa 2007

Many of us here are also members of Pixelation, this was a great activity last year and Panda has lovingly started it again. I thought bringing it to the attention of you Pixeljoint members would be a good plan.

It has already started, so i suggest you sign up now!
Make sure to read the rules carefully first.
Signup will last until November 30th.


Have fun!

If you submit a present you've made to the gallery before the 25th of December it will be sent back as soon as possible. So be nice and don't do it.

Posted by Larwick @ 11/23/2007 15:52  |    30 | Source


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Doomcreator0 (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 11/27/2007 14:25
Ah I see....                      

spartan_117 (Level 4 Lieutenant) @ 11/27/2007 05:07
but the important part was, they were the anatomy of his dog form and not his human form, resulting in his banishment.

surt (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/27/2007 04:53
Sending nude photos of himself to the moderators (he was hoping they would post them to a sticky thread as anatomical references).

Doomcreator0 (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 11/26/2007 14:49
Why are you banned?

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/25/2007 12:57
"You may only sign up if you know 100% that you will be able to make a gift for your partner."
Just a reminder... :P

cerealkiller54 (Level 6 Made) @ 11/25/2007 12:40
Oh, alright. I'll enter.

I just hope I can get it in on time...

Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 11/25/2007 09:00
Enter mate enter! Put all your effort and to something and you will certainly improve :)

spartan_117 (Level 4 Lieutenant) @ 11/25/2007 07:38
plus people improve under pressure.

l3m0n5 (Level 4 Deputy) @ 11/25/2007 06:49
oh what the bananas! why not man! besides, im sure whoever gets ur present wont CRY nessessarily, maybe just sniffle in the corner, but not CRY....but yeah dont worry im even worse at pixelling but really its just a chance to get better and improve you work...

cerealkiller54 (Level 6 Made) @ 11/24/2007 23:03

To enter, or not to enter, that is my dilemma...

My pixel art isn't the best, should I enter?

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/24/2007 19:00
Oh yeah and i think i should say that if you don't make a present for your partner you'll not only be banned from Pixelation, but from here too. INDEFINETELY.

I kid i kid. But still, i think you should be banned for at least a week unless you have a really good excuse. Since the rules are clear and you basically ruin someones christmas.

I just hope i get my comp fixed soon... >_>

greenraven (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 11/24/2007 16:20
I find it funny how many pixelation lurkers are coming out of the shadows just to join this thing. For now, I'm just considering doing the same.

surt (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/24/2007 13:05
That's relevant! But, yes, hooray!

iSTVAN (Level 8 Cannibal) @ 11/24/2007 07:36
Hooray for Howard being outed! YEEEES.


cath881 (Level 1 Rookie) @ 11/24/2007 03:37
Sounds fun! I`m still a beginner is it ok if i sign up? ..and sorry in advance for the person who`ll receive my gift lol

Reo (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 11/24/2007 03:07
Last year was awesome!!

Hapiel (Level 11 Admiral) @ 11/24/2007 01:05
lol we have something like this too in the Netherlands!
Copy and paste from pixelation:
Wow this looks alot like a dutch traditional activity..  You might have heard of saint nicolas, the man where santa was based on.. We celebrate his birthday (5 december) and he gives us presents etc. etc., but in every family we draw a card with a name written on it, and we make a suprise for him/her  Wink

spartan_117 (Level 4 Lieutenant) @ 11/23/2007 23:12

i registered to pixelation ages ago, but never posted. my first post goes to secret santa.

i join.

Hatch (Level 3 Hatchikyu) @ 11/23/2007 22:38
I beg your pardon?

soda (Level 10 President) @ 11/23/2007 21:21
I just signed up.  I kinda want Metaru.  D:

surt (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/23/2007 19:43
You with others of the Banned could engineer your own Black Secret Santa operating outside of official channels free from regulation, and post it on Pixelation in code, so the Pixelation mods are never the wiser.

Adarias (Level 11 Special Agent) @ 11/23/2007 19:37
more like I was never notified.  oh well though, best to the participants!

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 11/23/2007 18:01
haha, we have a very similar tradition here in Chile, called "Amigo Secreto" (or 'secret friend' in a literal translation to English), very common in the christmas days.

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/23/2007 17:43
Nah he just didn't realise...

Also yeah, dw BlackDragon, just means that you can't participate if you haven't signed up on that thread before the signing up deadline.

MashPotato (Level 7 Underboss) @ 11/23/2007 17:27
I'm pretty sure they just meant signing up to that particular activity

BlackDragon (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/23/2007 17:18

"In our case the gifts will be pixel gifts, and only those that previously signed up on this thread will be able to participate."

Holy crap, I just noticed that. I hadn't signed up at Pixelation before today D: Do you think it would be okay if I said I was from PJ?

O and Adarias signed up anyway :P

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/23/2007 16:59
That's a good point. Present submissions will be sent back immediately if they're submitted before the 25th. I think that's a safe way of doing it. But yeah, after then, submit away.

BlackDragon (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/23/2007 16:15

If you are Adarias, roobv, DrNoodles, rabidbaboy, xegnma, Sohashu or Noveroth, I forbid you to participate in this activity. 

I might sign up for this. Can we submit our presents after we are done with 'em?

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