Pixel Art Challenge: Fibonacci Faces


This week we want you to make a portrait, with each quarter of the face having a different palette restriction. Please make sure you read the restrictions carefully.

Canvas size
- Exactly 70 (width) x 90 (height). Use this template:

Colours - Restrictions for each quarter:
    Top left - Exactly 2 colours.
    Top right - Exactly 3 colours.
    Bottom left - Exactly 5 colours.
    Bottom right - Exactly 8 colours.
    You may use different colours for each quarter.
Animation - No.
Transparency - Optional.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.

Posted by skamocore @ 3/1/2010   |    26


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skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 3/6/2010 22:51


Synk (Level 1 Thug) @ 3/6/2010 22:24

Can you use same colors in diferent quarters???

Argyle (Level 6 Manager) @ 3/5/2010 18:34

 Oops sorry about that.  I'm still pretty fresh to PixelJoint's social aspects.  I was always just a gallery lurker.


Good points though

Robinhood (Level 9 Boss) @ 3/5/2010 15:39

I see absolutely nothing wrong with a lot of people putting candles on steaks.  It probably tastes better than those cakes that they sell at the stores that have been frozen for about half a year that cost about 2 dollars.  I do like steak.

I think I missed the point.

Okay, its a lot like when people used transparency to shade and AA on the B&W sprite challenge.  I think its because we're all trying to be creative, but we all think of the same thing.

Guess what I'm doing with the next steak I eat.

In the future, hit the reply button so I get it in my inbox.

Argyle (Level 6 Manager) @ 3/5/2010 15:32

I appreciate flavor and the fact that we have members that visit every facet of the restriction's capabilities.  But it's like having a birthday cake creation contest and half the bakers frying up a steak with candles on it, haha

Robinhood (Level 9 Boss) @ 3/5/2010 15:17


Is there something wrong with that? :D

Argyle (Level 6 Manager) @ 3/4/2010 23:21

Looks like a lot of the entrants are just taking this challenge as a reason to use 4 completely unrelated palettes to make some sort of pop-art out of their portraits.  Opposed to the 'Fibonacci' element of the portraiture, which would be the higher color sectors being where the focus lies - Fibonacci's holy grail - the bullseye of the golden spiral.  Since the psychodelic style portrait route has been pretty widely adapted, maybe when the Warhol Faces challenge comes up a lot of people will make fine art homages. :P

antymattar (Level 2 Kukyu) @ 3/4/2010 01:39


You mead those strainge faces that the artists used to draw and then worship?

Adarias (Level 11 Bonsai) @ 3/3/2010 20:37

I keep reading this as ficonacci feces

Starscream (Level 1 Depressed) @ 3/2/2010 16:13

Loving the contest.

Setzer (Level 8 Cannibal) @ 3/2/2010 15:42

great idea

Robinhood (Level 9 Boss) @ 3/2/2010 14:09

so I can draw a tree with different seasons in different quarters?


EDIT: urgh, just remembered the "face" part.... Trees can have faces right? :D

PanicBomber (Level 6 Manager) @ 3/1/2010 09:37

ah :D seems a nice challenge. gl to all!

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 3/1/2010 07:10

I meant no offence Flarfy.

I like to give this challenge a shot if I can get my LCD calloborated (which seems unlikely at the moment...)

Hatch (Level 3 Hatchikyu) @ 3/1/2010 06:48

Thankfully it's quite easy to check programatically.

Robinhood (Level 9 Boss) @ 3/1/2010 06:25

Thats so weird. O_o

I'll enter :>

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 3/1/2010 05:26

...or a sentient engine-thing partially submerged in orange undulating liquid inside a spherical container :P

Erm, anyway, I think it's ok allowing non-human portraits though, just as long as they really are portraits. I remember there was a line in the Omnivortrait challenge that said "You may let your appearance mutate if you like." Bad idea. >_<

Flarfy (Level 5 Detective) @ 3/1/2010 05:23

ceci n'est pas une portrait

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 3/1/2010 05:01

So I can draw myself as a pipe, car or a spaceship?

(Personnaly, I would of gone for human only to avoid confusion...)


tomic (Level 11 Admiral) @ 3/1/2010 03:28

"interesting challenge", good luck with verifying the entries =)

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 3/1/2010 02:54

No. It's fine as long as it remains a portrait.

darchangel (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 3/1/2010 02:25

Does it need to be a human portrait?

Blueberry_pie (Level 7 General Manager) @ 3/1/2010 01:56

Someone from the mod team; usually skamocore. He came up with this one.

drr (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 3/1/2010 01:28

 Interesting challenge! I want to ask, who makes up the challenges when its not attributed to a winner?

r1k (Level 1 Rookie) @ 3/1/2010 00:56

sounds interesting, might actually enter this one if I get time/ arent extremely lazy this week.

cantdoright (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 3/1/2010 00:46

Awesome contest might come back to spriting!

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