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PXM-Tuts - a community site for Pixelmator users which is all about freely sharing with others and hopefully getting people interested in creating beautiful artwork.

PXM-Tuts has partnered with the eBoy for a Pixel Art contest to show off the new Pixel Tool in Pixelmator 2. The contest is to create and submit a piece of Pixel Art using only Pixelmator's Pixel Tool and the Eraser Tool. The winner will get an eBoy Poster, eBoy Mousepad, and eBoy Notebook. This stuff is awesome!

Rules and info HERE

Posted by jalonso @ 12/14/2011 10:26  |    22


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Carnivac (Level 8 Behemoth) @ 12/16/2011 09:41


KittenMaster (Level 4 Deputy) @ 12/15/2011 16:34

 I wanted to say..  Their aesthetic did lend itself well to being products and accessory designs more than most people's stuff would.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 12/15/2011 12:59

No mousepads but y'alls can get a jalonso tee HERE with an easter-egg scarab siggy :)

*Uses skamocore colors*

codewarrior (Level 1 Seaman) @ 12/15/2011 12:45

Jalonso had a good point here: Its common that certain type of arts depend on some people going the more "commercial" way to make it socially acceptable / respectable. We have a saying: "salonfähig machen" here in german, means kinda making it acceptable in "regular" peoples homes and their personal views.

That leaves at least the chance for the geeks to stay in their known and beloved ways, and all sudden see the wonder happening of people who found their art before to be non understandble, weird, or whatsoever.. being allll amaaaazed!  So somehow u can say, allways all sides benefit from it.

Delicious (Level 9 Boss) @ 12/15/2011 12:00

 Ah! Didn't know that Eboy was a group. Interesting. I do realize that they are good at what they do and I love that they are making pixel art more public. It's clean and clear, which is perfect for ads. My only grip was why many consider them to be amazing pixel artists when you and many others exist unknown, but I suppose they made their way to the top with hard work.

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 12/15/2011 11:43

come on, sure Eboy pixel art bucks some of the pure technicality of higher level pixel art, but most of the works are pretty awesome to look at, and make great wall papers and posters :)

Hapiel (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 12/15/2011 10:13

I think eboy is cool in what they do!

dpixel (Level 9 Vice President) @ 12/15/2011 09:48

Did someone say something about jalonso mousepads? 

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 12/15/2011 08:17

General info: eboy is not one person. eboy is a design studio in NYC, Germany and England with many designers and specialists. eboy style pixelart is not popular with us pixel nerds but their look is extrememly popular with ad agencies, corporate clients and general commercial applications. They hold a valuable place in pixelart in that if nothing else popularizes the artform and keeps it in the public eye, imo.

codewarrior (Level 1 Seaman) @ 12/15/2011 06:58

Looked into the prog-homepage.  seems pretty much like a ps-clone (from its functions, filters, etc) which isnt a bad thing though :) , but not rly anything new that occured to me as outstanding or absolutely new.
Seems to be a sleek prog, easy to navigate and handle, with the floating window-style of GIMP and similar.

About eBoy: they have a nice clean style. But a bit too clean and web-/ grafic-design'ish. Purity is good, but i love pieces that live from structure, texture and colors, character and depth. But thats allways a matter of personal taste =)


@ Mindiell: If you feel like trying it, you dont need to have a MAC. Look into the subject "virtual mashine" like "VM-Ware" f.x. If your Computer can handle running an emulating software of that kind, you can start other OS like MAC, LINUX etc inside your Windows-OS in a virtual mashine.

KittenMaster (Level 4 Deputy) @ 12/15/2011 01:55

 I never even heard of eBoy except now and besides maybe some passing mentions on this site that I forgot about.

I admit the designs of his products are pretty cool but not something I would need or buy.

Mindiell (Level 1 Rookie) @ 12/15/2011 01:51

"Feel free to duplicate layers, flip layers, merge layers, use transparency etc."

Are they serious about that ? By the way, I don't have Mac

(and I would love a Jalonso poster )

Delicious (Level 9 Boss) @ 12/15/2011 01:25

  Never really seen how Eboy became so popular. I mean, Jalonso can blow this guy out of the water in regards to isometric pixel art. I'd much rather win a Jalonso poster, Jalonso mousepad and jalonso notebook (Sketchbook). However, it can't hurt to perticipate even if you're not a fan of the prizes or his work. I can see it as being a fun way to pass time. :)

However, no anti-aliasing? Even if it's done by hand? :(

Arkan85 (Level 9 Rear Admiral) @ 12/15/2011 00:11

eBoy Notebook? ... I think you should say "eBoy Sketch Book"...

Because when I read Notebook I thought about something like this differencebetween.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Difference-between-Notebook-and-Laptop-1.jpg


manxana (Level 3 Stalker) @ 12/14/2011 22:48

Here I go virtual machine!

KittenMaster (Level 4 Deputy) @ 12/14/2011 18:56

 I'd like to try the program but no Mac.  The contest prizes don't interest me so I'll stick with working on Secret Santa.

kevink (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 12/14/2011 18:38

uuggh.. enough said. 

klav (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 12/14/2011 18:26

Took me a while to find the "pixel" tool, other than that it seems like its fairly easy to navigate thru. Kind of like a simple version of photoshop. 

surt (Level 11 Godfather) @ 12/14/2011 17:01

eBoy? No thanks.

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 12/14/2011 16:46

Ok, then show them how it's done! :) 

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 12/14/2011 16:37

"Submit as a .png or .jpg file"...Eboy prizes...seriously, isn't this beneath PJ? :D

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 12/14/2011 16:37

NOTE: Pixelmator is a MacOSX app!

I'm going to make something cuz I like supporting Mac software and me loves eboy.

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