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Some of the galleries on Deviantart will be restructured and with this includes the pixel art gallery. If you would like to give your opinion on this matter, you can comment in

this journal entry

and let Clefairykid (the gallery mod for pixel art) know what you think.

Posted by wishuponapixel @ 3/14/2013 14:02  |    7


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clefairykid (Level 9 Federal Agent) @ 3/20/2013 01:50

 I am aware of that issue of "hybrid" pieces, they are mentioned in the journal ;) I've formally suggested moving them to Digital Art > Mixed Media, entirely outside of Pixel Art, although this would be a huge move and still not solve the issue of misconceptions/misunderstandings, that only education can fix. In my current state of mind, having written the new definition for pixel art and considered what it means, I can't DD hybrid pieces, it's too much of an apples and oranges type thing, it's either pixel or it's digital, and therefore to call it mixed media feels fairly generous. Those pieces deserve their own space and features etc, but I don't believe it's in Pixel Art as it is now. That being said, I'm not tryng to be "purist" either, I just want both types to get the exposure they deserve, and be recognised for what they are, not confused with each other. If that means a different arrangement, than it will be something different, but I don't know for certain what that may look like yet.

I get a sense that people on sites like this are fairly "jaded" (and stronger) towards the pixel art category on dA, and I'm sure that some people assume I don't care about the miscats, I do, it just takes a lot of time and consideration to find the best ways to fix it, no one thing can solve it. Education, clearer definition, an official stance on the hybrids, rearranging category structure and time itself are all factors that need to work together to lessen the effect. The only "over night" fix is to hire people full time to approve submissions, and I would suggest it's highly unlikely that dA will do that.

I'm neither 100% a traditional or hybrid artist, I make both, so I believe I can get a sense for the merits of each. A lot of other miscats I can't actually fix as well, like memes and sprites, because I can't remove copyright infringements even with reports, or move things within the parent category.

Basically what I want people to know is that, I actually have spent a LOT of time thinking about the issue, it might look like I don't care and that the category is just neglected, but I want to make sure that if I make a big move, it's for the right reasons and actually benefits both groups of people. I totally sympathise with those who have "lost faith" in dA's pixel category, it lacked a proper CV for years, and I think it's really overdue for changes. But that said, don't think I don't care or don't understand the bigger picture, it's just going to take a while for things to improve. 

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 3/19/2013 05:17

Given the nature and precedent of the DA pixelart category. IMO, there should be a 'hybrid' section where all pixel-ish piece get dumped into. Stricly dividing true pixels from 'deviations' would clear a lot of the clutter. Whenever I look thru pixels on DA that's always what turns me off most.

clefairykid (Level 9 Federal Agent) @ 3/18/2013 23:27

 What exactly is confusing you, I'd like to help explain? The category is being looked over for redundant areas or areas we can merge to avoid confusion, if there's part of it that you don't understand, it would help us to know so we can look at ways to structure it more logically.

An example is that we are strongly considering making isometric a single category, rather than a branch from every other strand, because a lot of people don't know what it means and that leads to guessing, which leads to misplaced artworks.

CraftyPixel (Level 1 Rookie) @ 3/18/2013 20:54

- Kinda confused on this one O.O? a standalone gallery for pixel art?   -

skeddles (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 3/17/2013 17:23

 I would do  "Sprites", "Scenes", "Animations" and "Other" 

clefairykid (Level 9 Federal Agent) @ 3/17/2013 13:54

 Thanks for adding this here, helps to get more opinions in c:

f-m (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 3/17/2013 12:37

 I  do hope they figure out a good system. The whole thing is a mess right now. 

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