History of the Demon Girl Demo v1.0 - Launched!


Shadow64 has been working on a game project for a while and its ready to show.

Many assets from this project have been heavily critiqued and helped along by people in the WIP forum. I really appreciate all of the help and feedback I've received and I wanted to let you know that the demo has been released!


That's the official announcement from the tumblr, but if you want to head straight to the downloads, use this:


The game was created in Flash and runs on Windows and Mac.

According to ADrawingMan, you can run the Windows version on Linux by using Wine and it will play just fine!

Aside from some simple vertical or horizontal motion, everything was pixel animated. No filters or tweening.

Thank you for all of the help over the months and if you get to the end of the game I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. PixelJoint is an awesome community and ever since I found out about it, I've been grateful to call myself a part of it.

Take care and happy playing!

Posted by Shadow64 @ 2/25/2014 16:34  |    9


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Shadow64 (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 3/16/2014 18:15

Thanks! I've send you a direct message about this one. You're right on the money, but I'll keep trying to improve it!

Innomin (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 3/16/2014 16:37

No problem, man. =) And I should also say that the writing is quite good so far - Sam is an interesting character.

About sudden stopping, a better way might be to add drag. I'd shoot for 0.2 seconds to full stop, but that's personal preference again. Something like this:

if(no_keys_pressed && velocity.x != 0) { if(abs(velocity.x) <= 10) velocity.x = 0; else velocity.x *= 0.9; }

Play with the numbers (0.9 drag and the 10px/second minimum) to get it feeling right, but that's a quick and dirty way to stop less suddenly. Also, this will mask that input delay you were talking about, so two birds with one stone. =)

Shadow64 (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 3/14/2014 17:36

Fantastic feedback, Innomin - I appreciate the critical look and all of this is helpful! To address your concerns:

  1. Let me say thank you for enjoying the demo. That means a lot every time I hear it. It's huge. Thank you!
  2. The text speed is something that is being improved. In the next version - set to release before the KS campaign on the 24th - the talking speed will be faster and there will also be a skip button to let you just move right along! I will also look into the tallying starting RIGHT when the stat screen comes in - solid note!
  3. I had wanted to toss in a restart key, but it was just taking me too long and I wanted the demo out - the next version of the game will allow for restart by pressing "R" during the stats - and if I can get it right (read: bug free) then I'll add that functionality WITHIN the levels themselves. I wholeheartedly agree with you - this game is going to encourage replays, so players need to get there faster! It'll happen! :D And yes, I'm glad that not being able to play again fast enough is the biggest issue! XD
  4. The scoring is something I expected more people to discuss, but this is the first time someone has addressed it directly - thank you! I will be weighing the time more heavily because I agree that it's just WAY too easy to get an 8 or above. The levels are also being reworked. It should feel more balanced in the next version, but I put it out this way because sometimes games just sit in limbo - I wanted it out! ;)
  5. I'll try to improve the controls, but when you're flying, it looks very strange for the player to suddenly stop - trust me, I tried it. The other problem is that flash doesn't respond to key presses/releases immediately, so it was just reacting very poorly to how quickly I wanted to change direction. I will do my best to improve this, though - note taken!
  6. The music loops all need to be fixed. At some point they all disappear/stop, so I just need to go tweak that bit of code and make a solid loop.

As you can see, some of that I knew and am working on and other parts were just extremely helpful. I can't guarantee that I'll always be tweaking the game to player specifications, but as long as it makes sense to me and the style that I'm going for, I try to stay open to input. :)

Thank you very much for including the link. I'll definitely save that for if/when I try to port it over. And thank you again to everyone on here for the support - that's why there's the special thanks! This community is the best!!!

The kickstarter will begin on March 24th, so if you like the game, anything you can do to help spread the word would be awesome. A few people from here have posted it on forums they frequent and that sort of thing is going to make a HUGE difference down the line.


Innomin (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 3/14/2014 14:18

I played on Kongregate, and it's pretty good for a demo. Couple things I want to mention:

- There are a lot of delays in the text right now. I think it should be like this: press any key to finish/skip the text animation, then press another key to continue. Scoring should also start counting while Sam is speaking (again to shave off a few seconds), and should probably use the same press a key to skip method. Most importantly, though, you should add a restart key in the results screen, that works as soon as you get there. The delays are my biggest issue with the game right now, which is probably a good thing. =)

- I scored 8 or higher on my first try through all the levels because I was getting all the souls and tokens, even though my times were usually quite slow. It seems that gameplay-wise, you want to get hit by a few fists, so you aren't going too fast to collect things. If you want to emphasize speed, you might want to make 50-80% of the score come from your time, so it's more important to players.

- I really didn't like the boss room controls, because I wanted the player to stop moving when I wasn't pressing a direction key. It might be personal preference, but that continued movement is something I really don't like in jump mechanics.

- The main menu music doesn't repeat. Noticed that while typing this out. XD

Anyway, all just suggestions, but I thought I would share. Also, here's a link on porting to android. If you are making this in Flash Develop with Flixel, that's a good resource. =)

Shadow64 (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 3/8/2014 14:23

Woo hoo!!! Such a great response! I will definitely consider porting it to mobile down the road, but the landscape is also REALLY tough to break into successfully.

I'd also love to be able to offer it as a stretch goal with a free download from the Google Play store if people back the Kickstarter Campaign, but right now it seems like GP doesn't allow for free downloads of paid apps. 

I'll continue to look into it though and thank you again for the awesome feedback! 

Flizzet (Level 1 Gangster) @ 3/8/2014 11:00

Good mechanics, quick responsiveness, un-annoying music. I feel like this game would be great on mobile and could be easily ported since you made it in flash. You should go look into that. Nice work!

Shadow64 (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 3/7/2014 18:35

Oh wow! I didn't know this went up yesterday! Thanks, everyone!

@CELS - I'm going to be working on the graphics - the blurring is something I hope to cut down as I up the framerate. I'm glad you still like the demo though! Thank you!!!  

Also, if you get to the end, there's a special thanks to PixelJoint, specifically! So grateful to this community.

Finally, if either of the current downloads aren't working, you can now play the demo on Kongregate:

Thanks again!!!

skittle (Level 9 Nidan) @ 3/6/2014 16:40

The mechanics were simple but addicting!

CELS (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 3/6/2014 14:46

Great job. Nice music, nice concept. But for a game like this, I think you should have gone with much more clean graphics. Running at 200 mph just made everything a blur. I think it would have been a better gaming experience if the graphics were clean, so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes so much.

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