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Posted by Hapiel @ 4/7/2021 11:53

Browse the Pixel Joint gallery by searching with colors.

Posted by Pakz001 @ 3/30/2021 15:51

A (blogspot) blog with game related pixelart. I started it in 2016 and slowly am getting better at drawing pixel art. I draw tiles and icons and user interfaces and portraits some in tutorial step by step form.

Posted by theabbie @ 12/25/2020 00:45

A pixel Art & Animation Creation Tool Built using HTML5 Canvas.

It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) with offline compatibility.
It is mobile-friendly and is very easy to use.

Posted by Nightmare3711 @ 8/10/2020 18:15

Bitland is a server created on the platform Guilded, which is a future Discord competitor (and in my opinion, it has potential to be far superior). This server is for discussion of all things pixel art and chiptune, and is actively looking for new users. Currently Bitland has a monthly banner challenge, as well as a weekly challenge. We also offer plenty of spaces for people to contribute their creations for admiration, critique, and discussion. We also invite any programmers, because video games are a huge part of what brought pixel art to life!

If you're ever confused about how to use Guilded, feel free to ask the server owner (Me) or other decently active users.

Posted by MadElectron @ 7/17/2020 15:02

A website dedicated to raster graphics, design and pixel art

Posted by sd-snatcher @ 12/15/2019 14:21

RECOIL is a viewer of pictures in native formats of 20th century computers: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari Portfolio, Atari ST/TT/Falcon, BBC Micro, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Electronika BK, FM Towns, Macintosh 128K, MSX, NEC PC-80, NEC PC-88, NEC PC-98, Oric, Psion Series 3, SAM Coupé, Sharp X68000, Timex 2048, TRS-80, TRS-80 Color Computer, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

Posted by sd-snatcher @ 12/15/2019 14:17

Multi-classic-platform art gallery that aims to preserve the images in their platform native file formats.

Has galleries for: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8bit, Atari Falcon, Atari ST/E, C64, Plus/4, VIC-20, Electronika BK, FM-Towns, MS-DOS, MSX1/2/2+, NEC PC-80, NEC PC-88, NEC PC-98, Sam Coupe, Sega Master System, ZX-81, TRS-80, Thomson, Ti Calculator, X68000 and ZX-Spectrum.

Posted by torridgristle @ 11/18/2019 10:31

A tool for building pixel art palettes by adding and linking colors to form ramps. Supports pulling colors from images by manual or automatic selection, using RGB / HSL / HSV / HCY / LAB sliders to create and modify colors, a few methods for suggesting new colors, generation of tertiary / complementary / etc colors, interpolation for ramps in RGB / Linear RGB / HSV / HSL / HCY / LAB, blurring colors together like a painter's palette, and other features.

The demo has no limits but is very outdated.

Posted by jblatex @ 11/17/2018 12:36

BobSprite is a free online drawing tool with focus in Pixel Art. You just need to use browser Chrome. It has special brushes to no paint blank or black pixels (nice for sprites). It has aditional tools to blur, lighten, darken, rotate, shear and also has filters and animation among other things!

Posted by torridgristle @ 10/21/2018 11:16

Clean arrangements of edges and lines for isometric pixel art and a run down on slopes, dips, bumps, holes, and how to clearly convey a 3D world in isometric pixel art.

Posted by torridgristle @ 10/21/2018 11:11

BeOS icons' unique spin on isometric pixel art.

Posted by eghost @ 6/19/2018 08:11

TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

There are built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game. At the exit you will get a cartridge file, which can be stored and played on the website.
Also, the game can be packed into a player that works on all popular platforms and distribute as you wish. To make a retro styled game the whole process of creation takes place under some technical limitations: 240x136 pixels display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound and etc.

Posted by eghost @ 6/19/2018 08:09

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a shell for typing in Lua commands and provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges.

Posted by torridgristle @ 2/13/2018 15:13

Open-source Java program (with Windows installer) that allows you to manipulate the colors in images in 3D, rather than working with two dimensions at a time. You can view individual colors as floating dots or as a geometric shape showing the maximum values of the color ranges, all in several colorspaces such as LAB, LCH, LUV, sRGB, Linear RGB, etc. Individual points can be manipulated or a range of colors near your cursor, and constraints can be placed on hue, luminosity, etc. Try it on an image of a palette and set the Image Visualization mode to Standard for exact colors to see the ramps laid out.

Should the link ever go down (the page says "temporary") here's links to the Windows installer and the source code on Archive.org

Posted by torridgristle @ 2/12/2018 08:24

Open source program for resizing and paletting images using SLIC superpixel segmentation to preserve shapes and edges. The user can mask out areas that should recieve less color detail before processing, as well as make manual pixel and palette adjustments to the processed image which can then be reprocessed to fit the image to the user's changes.

Compiled Windows binary and Github link at the bottom. Thesis PDFs describe the process and can be helpful for understanding what's happening under the surface

Posted by lodustitan @ 1/14/2018 08:34

Posted by mioscene @ 9/16/2017 03:10

A large set of short tutorials dealing with pixel art fundamentals, animation, and game design!

Posted by pyrometal @ 4/4/2017 11:29

Good resource for the beginner web developer.

Posted by MIERDINSKY @ 1/3/2017 09:53

Pixel art process a soap box

Posted by Doomb33rypi @ 12/3/2016 08:55

A free, 16 bit pixel art editor allowing you to create and animate sprites.

Posted by Vanawy @ 9/10/2016 06:25

Posted by MIERDINSKY @ 6/19/2016 10:07

Creating a zombie sprite using Photoshop. Intuitive color palette, but surely improve the appearance of many pixel parts of the world, or even the entire planet.
Haciendo el sprite de un zombie en pixel art con Photoshop se ve el manejo a ojímetro (hijuepuercazos) o muy intuitiva de la paleta de color, pero de seguro mejorará el aspecto de muchas piezas pixel del mundo, o incluso del planeta entero.




Posted by scriblroid @ 5/7/2016 04:04

A neat little click-through adventure. Watch as an animated character searches for a spare light bulb whilst stumbling through several unexplored rooms inside an eerie castle. Images by Emmanuel Espinasse.

Warning: there are flashing light effects in parts of Super Pixel Quest.

Posted by TZero @ 4/12/2016 22:11

REXPaint is a powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor. Use a wide variety of tools to create ANSI block/line art, roguelike mockups and maps, and for other roguelike development needs

Posted by Psiweapon @ 4/1/2016 19:00

GrafX2 is a great open-source program for editing indexed-color images.

It's a spiritual successor to Deluxe Paint and Brilliance, which were industry standards in the 90's. But that makes the interface quite non-standard for current times, and together with the lack of tutorials many potential users can be put off.

That's why I made this tutorial covering the basics of the interface, to help easing the learning curve for prospective users.


-General description of the interface.
-Mouse uses.
-Layers and animation features.
-Spare page feature.
-How to access in-program help.
-How to access and redefine keybindings.

More to come, make sure to leave your feedback in the comments so I can take it into account and hopefully make upcoming tutorials better :)

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