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Posted by pixelplonker @ 1/29/2016 15:09

Mainly a design blog, but the page I have linked to has a great 2, 4, and 8 frame walk cycle tutorial.

Posted by DraggonFantasy @ 1/29/2016 10:29

A Pixel art program, that I'm developing. It's still in development, but even current version is pretty usable.
The main feature of the program is extendability by plugins written in JavaScript, so everyone (who knows a little bit JS) can add almost any feature to the program!

Posted by Mandrill @ 1/15/2016 11:39

Easy Pixel Art Editor
Why another pixel art editor? Pixel art is not easy on the phone and the hundreds of pixel art editor APPs in the market are not very user friendly.
Available for Android.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 1/8/2016 13:52

Online tool for optimizing animated gif images to reduce file size. Compress gifs by reducing colormaps or dropping frames.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 1/8/2016 13:40

Our Lose the Wait series is all about improving the performance of your web applications. As we have mentioned, a great way to lose the wait is to lose the weight, as in the weight of your page content. In our last post, we talked about using HTTP compression to reduce the size of the data that needs to be sent to the client, as well as the challenges that are involved.

Posted by Alphasonicbot @ 11/18/2015 14:19

Lets you import and edit or create sprites, see them in a live animation, and save them as an animated gif, PNG, or spritesheet.

Posted by EdJr @ 8/17/2015 11:53
FixelJoint is a little Firefox extension that adds functionality to PJ, like a new comment editor, piece inspector, faving without leaving the page and much more.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 8/10/2015 11:28

Charming 8-Bit GIFs Depicting Every Day Life In Japan by Toyoi Yuuta

Posted by lfschenone @ 7/30/2015 04:03

An infinite canvas of collaborative pixel art. The software prevents anyone from vandalising your drawings, and you can link your pixels to any website you want to promote your work.

Posted by EdJr @ 7/24/2015 15:14

FixelJoint is a little Google Chrome extension that adds functionality to PJ, like a new comment editor, piece inspector, faving without leaving the page, etc.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/14/2015 07:04

A great resource for this art program. This tutorial is a pretty good starting point.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/3/2015 11:31

Retired C64 pixel art gallery.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/3/2015 10:58

Launched in 1985 the Commodore Amiga boasted graphics capabilities that were unsurpassed for it's time.

It featured an intricate collection of custom chips that enabled it to do things that, until then, had been impossible to achieve with other personal computers.

This site is dedicated to graphics made with or for the Commodore Amiga home computer.

Posted by DatMuffinMan @ 6/30/2015 14:06
Single-Image Super-Resolution for anime/fan-art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. 

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 6/26/2015 08:53

Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental video-game developer and design historian whose work explores femininity, allohistory, and speculative/electric dreaming. Weil runs FEMICOM, the feminine computer museum, creates NES games and glitch art under the alias Party Time! Hexcellent!, and helps organize Austin's monthly indie games event, Juegos Rancheros.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 6/26/2015 08:50

About FEMICOM Museum is a hybrid physical/digital museum and archive dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femininity in twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys. Read more about the mission and beginnings of FEMICOM: Hello World! Introducing FEMICOM.

Posted by eigenbom @ 6/24/2015 18:52

I just finished a full year of daily pixel art. Here's a recap of my pixel adventure.

Posted by pop nebula dreamer @ 6/20/2015 12:28

Pixel animated comedy adventure now on youtube

Posted by AlexHW @ 6/6/2015 13:15

Create 3d scenes and models using 2d tiles. Works like a 2d map editor with a 3rd dimension.

  • Draw and Edit modes to easily add/remove/edit tiles in 3d space.
  • Perspective & Orthographic projection.
  • Export to .obj and use your creations in other programs or in your game development.
  • Modify UVs on tiles, adjust tileset sizes.
  • Rotate, flip, mirror, reverse faces, verts and UVs.
  • Split/cut tiles.
  • Copy/paste tiles.
  • Undo/redo any changes.
  • More!


A new version of Crocotile 3D has been released with a full set of Paint tools. Now you can paint the textures for your 3d models and environments directly within the program.

Crocotile 3D is a tile-based modeling editor. Use tilesets to construct scenes or objects like you would in a 2d map editor, but with an added dimension.

You can try out the program at crocotile3d.com

Posted by Yeltsin @ 6/2/2015 11:59

A nice pixel art game for iPhone and iPad, I developed, the pixel art by Gustavo Jacomé

Posted by Mandrill @ 6/2/2015 10:18

Hello everybody,

I want to give back some of the knowledge I have gathered the last few years raoming PJ with all its brilliant art. It covers my take on doing a small piece of pixel art (64x45) from concept, over creating a palette, to pixelling. It is not much, but it may be of help to one or two pixel lovers out there.


Posted by rhlstudios @ 5/21/2015 19:39

Posted by rhlstudios @ 5/20/2015 16:18

Posted by rhlstudios @ 5/20/2015 16:15

Posted by rhlstudios @ 5/20/2015 16:14

Part 3 of a so-far 3 part color palette creation series of pixel rants


Want to give some dough back to all those amazing pixel artists? Donations provide prize money for contests, help cover hosting costs and support new initiatives.