.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/6/2010 02:08 commented on Backache

"We are slaves of what we think we have the control."

 I'm bad in English, I don't know if this traduction means anything.

.:Exar-kun:. @ 8/22/2009 05:22 commented on Dirty Pig

 Lol Genious x)

.:Exar-kun:. @ 8/13/2009 16:03 commented on If you can't say it, write it

 I'm not inspired by you ^^

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/11/2009 09:20 commented on "I have to confide something to you..."

 Very nice Work x) I will vote for you too !

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/7/2009 07:29 commented on Old Lady - Cube SP

The animation was good, but the used of habbo => :(

 I Maked habbo pixelarts too, but don't put them on Pixeljoint x)

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/6/2009 12:09 commented on Old Lady - Cube SP is a bad thing for...

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/6/2009 12:07 commented on Old Lady - Cube SP

 Beuhian, Habbo Hotel...

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/6/2009 02:00 commented on Sweet Diamonds Of Mine


 I wanted to add a difficulty for the game, that's why I used just 10 colors

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/5/2009 04:11 commented on Are you gonna believe it fisherman ?

 Merci pour le WIP x)

 J'adore ton style. T'as mon vote assuré.  J'tembrasse tres fort Bisoux.

.:Exar-kun:. @ 7/4/2009 01:39 commented on Tenacious D vs Beelzeboss - REMAKE -

 We are the D We are the D we are the D....!!!

 Like it

.:Exar-kun:. @ 4/23/2009 06:20 commented on Cow Walk

you should animatethe background more slower than the floor and it could be Perfect x)

 I love this pixel and I add it to my favourites x)

.:Exar-kun:. @ 3/19/2009 11:44 commented on Metal Gear Luigi

I know, in fact I would Take Luigi and Draw him with Human proportions, and the Challenge want two caracters but I have melanged Luigi with a buff human, because it was what i want to do, and "Metal Gear" because Snake look like this human. I Know It's too much but it's juste because of the Gun and the skull. I could name it Luigi and James Bond lol

 ( sorry for english )

.:Exar-kun:. @ 3/19/2009 10:17 commented on [HOMER + mario] Homario

Good Job papy x) I like it !

.:Exar-kun:. @ 2/8/2009 07:51 commented on Robot for Metaru
Lol ! I like it, very funy !

.:Exar-kun:. @ 2/8/2009 01:42 commented on Who ordered a scary ass clown?
Verry good x)
 I like, you've win my vote.

.:Exar-kun:. @ 1/13/2009 04:55 commented on Bigfist
 I like this, it's ridiculous :)

.:Exar-kun:. @ 1/11/2009 10:12 commented on Musicals Heads Rabbit
Avoue que tu pensais à des chats !!! Espece de Terroriste ! Jvais la refaire version : Shoot Aliens !

.:Exar-kun:. @ 1/9/2009 11:51 commented on Pin Up [NUDE]
héhé, comme je l'ai précédemment exprimé, j'ai envie d'y taper avec ma queue, jparle de la boule de billard hein x)
 Tres reussite

.:Exar-kun:. @ 12/29/2008 13:17 commented on Sad Piano
Copy the link x)

.:Exar-kun:. @ 12/20/2008 02:44 commented on PC Acer Aspire
Thanks you to much x)
 It's an old Work and I didn't see this x) I will correct that

.:Exar-kun:. @ 12/15/2008 13:07 commented on Emot - Vive Moi
Ouais ! Un francais ! Vive Nous !

.:Exar-kun:. @ 12/15/2008 12:06 commented on a Rich Villa
Thank's, and No x) I would like, But I'm not rich x)