Syosa @ 7/9/2010 00:55 commented on I'm a pretty princess

Nice color.   ..and a nice gentleman.

Syosa @ 7/8/2010 09:55 commented on [Animation] Gasmask Girl and a Gun

i'll continue to try something new for me with keeping 'cute and a bit bad taste' in my mind. thx.

Syosa @ 5/27/2010 01:05 commented on Fairy of green flower

Hmm, you must be a friend of Syosa. Haha.

Syosa @ 4/22/2010 08:47 commented on diamond grid 4

I love this pixelart !!

Syosa @ 3/6/2010 01:10 commented on An unlimited Blue Quest B2


Syosa @ 2/15/2010 09:39 commented on Mechanix Girl

I’m so sorry...

I don't know what I can say for you... It was with great sorrow that you learned..

I can't post at 1PM today, but I said "Good bye Jessica" in my heart.

Syosa @ 1/20/2010 05:23 commented on Dorothy

I'm always seeking new style and always modifying according to your comments.

I knew scrolling square shadow break a third dimension, but I want to try the strange 2-3dimension style. Because it may be able to illustrate fantasic and chaotic atmosphere...

Syosa @ 1/9/2010 16:22 commented on Dorothy

To enhance the texture of the wood and the girl, I thought I should drop a deep shadow color in relatively broad area. If I use some textile on this purple or decrease purple area, the contrast will break.

And i made red color also flat on purpose. Because I want to express her distress of first murder with this blood-like color. So I eliminated textile and shadow from red color area.

Syosa @ 12/16/2009 22:05 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

Yesterday, I added some drool to her. But it looks a bit dirty and not suited for her.

So I only modified her mouse 'ripple' and shoulder, and made the animation rotate.

Syosa @ 12/13/2009 22:55 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

Oh, that's nice idea. I'll add saliva in a few days.

Syosa @ 12/13/2009 19:04 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

Making morphing animation is a quite new attempt for me.

Syosa @ 12/13/2009 12:06 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

....and I think I'm abnormal.

Syosa @ 12/13/2009 12:04 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

hmm, It's right. The bottle's position looks a bit low. And I'd better make her right foot higher.

Thank you for your suggestion!!

Syosa @ 12/6/2009 21:13 commented on Mr Tree

Nice colors..!!

Syosa @ 11/24/2009 01:38 commented on Spinning Round

 it looks better to make the height of the top of her\his head constant, i think.

Syosa @ 11/15/2009 19:03 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn

Oh,sorry. I removed the transparent dots.

Syosa @ 11/13/2009 04:31 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn

Thank you for your comment, Wolverine.

I replaced the preview image.

I think final animation do not contain transparent pixels, but upper wip images may contain...

Syosa @ 11/13/2009 01:44 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn


I want to make an elegant movement. Elegant means well refined and smooth and natural movement.

So I thought I have to minimize her preparatory movement for her turning.

Of course hand's anticlockwise movement is important to normal turn animation. It's looks dynamic.

Syosa @ 11/12/2009 20:09 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn

Because Smith was born in 1992. She is a highschool student.

Syosa @ 11/12/2009 17:01 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn


No.5 is here

I think No.5 do not have enough quality to be in my gallery.

Syosa @ 10/18/2009 20:52 commented on Gryphon


Thanks!  I've modified it.

Syosa @ 10/13/2009 20:37 commented on Nippon ichi~!


Your style looks like a Japanese pixel artist Po.


Very nice.


Syosa @ 10/13/2009 17:33 commented on Out of Style

If there are some areas where you use contrast effectively, this piece looks more impressive.(imo)

For example, in this pixel art, I used white and black (or dark green) brightness contrast.

And in this work, there is a brightness contrast between her cloth and the black cloak.


But otherwise this is nice and cute. (and thank you.)

Syosa @ 10/13/2009 17:22 commented on Tea and Meow

so cute tail...!!

Syosa @ 10/4/2009 19:41 commented on Bug

Thank you Lollige and Jalonso for making such a great interview page. I'm really  glad to see it.

I'll continue to make efforts to contribute to Pixel Joint.

Thank you.