Jinn @ 6/23/2019 16:23 commented on Skullmachine v2

Whoa! Make it tileable, it would be awesome! :D

Jinn @ 5/31/2019 16:38 commented on Big Bird

Hi man!

Nice to hear you're better! I know it's not easy, but keep it up!

Jinn @ 5/7/2019 01:38 commented on Loose Cannon

Awesome news! Can't wait for it :)

Jinn @ 3/31/2019 18:47 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

I have this card! haha

Nice work!

Jinn @ 3/5/2019 10:21 commented on Release the Kraken

Although it's well rendered and the shapes very fluid, it feels flat. 

Jinn @ 2/17/2019 19:10 commented on Ultra Block

Love the new layout!

Also, congratz everyone for the amazing art this month!

Jinn @ 2/12/2019 15:37 commented on Big Bird

Have you guys seen this? Awesome traditional "pixel"art

Jinn @ 2/12/2019 13:20 commented on Big Bird

@Dawnbringer Same here. Hate it!

Jinn @ 2/1/2019 08:45 commented on Emerald Gate of Adventure

Nice use o EGA without dithering!

Jinn @ 11/27/2018 09:28 commented on Big Bird

@Irenaart Thank you! <3

Jinn @ 11/19/2018 11:09 commented on Super Mario UFO Land

Amazing job!

Jinn @ 10/9/2018 19:21 commented on Big Bird

I'm looking forward to it!

Jinn @ 9/28/2018 15:17 commented on Monkey D. Luffy

Hara hetta!!

Jinn @ 9/17/2018 14:34 commented on Raven

Nice 45° angles!

Jinn @ 9/15/2018 13:47 commented on Big Bird

Mandela effect maybe?

Jinn @ 9/9/2018 18:10 commented on Flame Princess

@CyangmouI really appreciate the input, I'll sure study it :)

@Diogalesu and @Blirm: Thanks!

Jinn @ 8/22/2018 21:53 commented on Big Bird


Jinn @ 8/13/2018 12:39 commented on La Raie Verte

Amazing technique!

Jinn @ 6/23/2018 05:36 commented on Last words from fellow Chevalier...


Jinn @ 3/2/2018 10:10 commented on At the riverbank

The dithering use reminds me of what I used to do back when I had a crt monitor. I wonder if that's the case here.
Anyway, nice job.

Jinn @ 1/25/2018 09:32 commented on enjoy the veiw

Congrats! :D

Jinn @ 1/14/2018 12:44 commented on Big Bird

I did like both the animation and plot. 

Jinn @ 12/21/2017 09:40 commented on Big Bird

I'm not really sure. Is the normal log-in more effective? 

Jinn @ 12/21/2017 09:21 commented on Big Bird

Never really noticed the correlation. That said, every single time I wanted to post in the forum I was logged off, so I gave up.

Jinn @ 12/18/2017 16:32 commented on Phlan NPCs

Love it! Just for the fun of it, I tried to reballance the palette: