bobusdoleus @ 10/20/2011 13:15 commented on Primate RPG Party

Not only great excecution, but a unique idea? Awesome. They really project personalities, too.

bobusdoleus @ 8/14/2010 11:19 commented on Gentleman (Neurostaza sprites)


I don't have anything to say on the whole NPA issue. Instead, I have some more different observations. For one, that minigun thing attached to the car... I assume this is supposed to be the same car turned around rather than two variants of the same sprite? If so, then the minigun looks like it is behind/to the side of the windshield in the top picture, but coming out of it/in the front of the hood on the bottom one. I can see you placed it there deliberately, but without a better explanation of why it jumped I'm confused.

Also, the way that the tire-covering metal things on either side of the hood are the same size without use of any perspective makes it look asymmetrical, and then when you turn it, asymmetrical the other way. At first I legitimately thought this was a symmetry inconsistency, it took me a little bit to realize it was just a lack of perspective. But I guess that might be the Neurostanze standard, I dunno, I'm just looking at this one piece. Also the way the metal was devided on the tire-covering-bits is not rotated - the one with the split down the middle is far from the viewer in both rotations.

Actually the more I look at it, the more it /does/ look like two variants rather than a rotation. The perspective thing holds, though.

On the whole though the design is cool and great! Just those nitpicks.

bobusdoleus @ 6/7/2010 21:02 commented on Needle Boy

Yeah, I'm not too happy with the shorts there. Not sure what I would do to improve it yet, though. I'll keep trying. The skin was initially a stylistic decision - I really like how MS Paint Adventures makes their characters look by doing basically that - but I guess there's something I should do to make that more intentional. I'll try some variants. Thanks for the comment!

bobusdoleus @ 5/4/2010 12:18 commented on Han Solo

Well hey if that doesn't remind me of the SNES game Shadowrun. It does. Which is awesome :)

bobusdoleus @ 5/4/2010 12:11 commented on 3 headed nightmare

For some reason reminds me of Final Fantasy 6. Which is awesome :)

bobusdoleus @ 1/27/2010 19:14 commented on Doctor Who (updated August 5th 2012)

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, Legendary superdoctor of awesomeness. 'The one which had a scarf,' indeed. :)

bobusdoleus @ 1/22/2010 20:01 commented on Scarecrow Unit

Is Pro Motion a tool of choice? I've actually been looking to see if there are any particularily good pixel editors, particularily with animation capabilities. GraphicsGale leaves something to be desired, particularily since it is very nonintuitive in some respects, being a japanese program - I locked my pallete into greyscale and can't get it back to a color range, for example. I've been using photoshop, and it's powerful and photoshopy, but not completely friendly to pixels in some regards. Copy/pasting can be particularily vicious, as it sometimes lies flagrantly. And it has few animation capabilities.

And yea, I know many people use paint. I could be using paint. But I don't want to because there are better tools available, and anything that makes pixeling easier and more convinient also makes it more fun and therefore leads to more pixeling :)

bobusdoleus @ 1/22/2010 18:39 commented on Gynoid, Disassembled

Ha, ha, funny you should say that: I had a dark grey background before for contrast, but it was rejected. Some of the thicker black lines make more sense on such a background, I think.


Thanks for the edit, too! It's like a present when someone does one :) I guess what I was thinking when I was making it was, 'it's an android robo-head' rather than thinking of it as a skull, so I didn't go and copy a skull... But in the end, I guess it looked sufficiently skull-like that I should have just made it totally a skull, that looks better. So thanks! Between this and the hip-structure comment I could really rework this image. Probably will. too.

bobusdoleus @ 1/21/2010 22:17 commented on Turtle Monster

Yeah, that shading was an attempt by me to use a specific formula for shading. Not totally realistic, but stylish, maybe? I don't know.

bobusdoleus @ 1/21/2010 22:15 commented on Gynoid, Disassembled

I actually totally see what you mean, esp. with the hips. Great call, I don't think I would have caught that, in part due to looking at it too long :) Thanks!

bobusdoleus @ 1/20/2010 18:53 commented on Ribbon Wraith

Hooray! I wasn't sure that the fact that there was asian-esque text was getting across properly. Apparently 'tis. Yay.

bobusdoleus @ 1/20/2010 17:31 commented on Scarecrow Unit

Mm, I'll implement that one-foot thing. Solid advice.

His arms are made of sticks, so they are indeed quite long and straight. I'll figure out a way to make that more pronounced, I suppose.

I might be able to do the headbob thing, too. Yeeeeeeessss.....

Thanks for the comments! Will have a revised version at some soonish point.


Here it is. Glitchy as all hell, because I HATE HATE HATE compiling gifs, it was more bother than the actual animating, RAAAGH, but it showcases the changes I made. Ignore the fact that scarecrow floats forward one pixel at some point. It's not supposed to, I just HATE GIFS.

bobusdoleus @ 1/20/2010 13:40 commented on Scarecrow Unit

Well, I don't know how the frames will be used, because it's not my project. Otherwise in something this low frame I may very well be looping it. And the knees really /are/ reversed - this is a shambling scarecrow thing. What I found interesting is that if I follow one foot with my eye it ends up looking like he's actually walking with each foot seperately - or at least I found it to be so. I suppose it might not be apparent enough, and therefore would need reworking.

The character isn't holding anything - the idea is that he is smacking people with his scary scarecrow arms. Does it look like he's holding something? What could I change to make it not look like that?

As for the leg jumpy thing, I tried it with the legs not moving, and it looked stiffly unnatural, so I made the legs jump around... and I guess that's not a good solution either :( I suppose I'll give it another go...

bobusdoleus @ 1/20/2010 08:52 commented on Gynoid, Disassembled

Thanks for your very concrete and specific comments! There's always more polishing to do, I guess :) It's true that I have to still train up my super-detail-oriented-pixeler's eye. As for the shoulder pad, though, that I'll have to defend a bit: Since the light is shining pretty much dead on to the shoulder pad, the slightly-puffed-put metal bit around the edge would be equally shiny on each side of the shoulder pad - slightly darker to my right because it's not /exactly/ dead on, and slightly brighter on the mostly-invisible-yet-slightly-visible-peeking-out other edge for the same reason. That's my reasoning anyways, I could always be wrong :)

bobusdoleus @ 1/18/2010 14:25 commented on Psychic Maid 64

Well, this was just something I cooked up while bored and waiting for my photoshop to stop refusing to work. But advice noted! (Some of the stuff I really like is sitting in work-in-progress threads right now.)

bobusdoleus @ 1/17/2010 03:55 commented on Sneery Hat Guy

About the pearl-hat thing: I've actually added that in from the following previous version:

which didn't have them. I'm not sure what I was thinking - maybe that it would make his hat look more... something something... yeah. Not sure about the reasoning there. So does the previous version look better?

Also, this is the first sprite I did since like a year ago, with most of the others being more recent. Funny how sometimes you progress backwards <.<

bobusdoleus @ 1/16/2010 23:42 commented on Baba Yaga Take 2

Old /woman/ on a house with chicken legs. That steals and eats children and flies around in a giant mortar. Occasionally known to command swarms of evil geese (!) and help adventurers with magic balls of yarn that lead them places. If you see one, make sure to command the house to put it's back to the forest and it's front to you, because that's how you get insode. For some reason, it'll obey.

bobusdoleus @ 1/16/2010 13:36 commented on Female Nude

Wow! You did all that just for me! That's really helpful. Much thanks.

And lots to learn, too. I've updated the image with some changes (Not approved yet, so I can, I guess?)

Contrast up, varied some line weights, controled color count.


bobusdoleus @ 1/16/2010 13:01 commented on Apple

Mostly that I like the dithering/shading. That. Yeah.

bobusdoleus @ 1/15/2010 20:13 commented on Weremote

The way he's gyrating back and fourth there is naughty XD

bobusdoleus @ 1/15/2010 20:10 commented on Splat.

Loving that squeeze-and-stretch. Especially nice is that little wiggle at the top of the arc.

bobusdoleus @ 1/15/2010 20:08 commented on Apple


bobusdoleus @ 1/15/2010 20:07 commented on Chrispy Fight Idle

Alright! The old one looked like it was dancing, where as this new one immediately declases, 'I'm an idle fight pose, and proud of it!'

In a dance contest, the old one would win though XD

The way the to-my-left foot doesn't move is a bit jarring. Actually, it's not that it should move, but redrawing it in place to make some pixels shift around would make pop out a bit less. Just have two diferent frames of the foot standing still and alternate between them maybe?

bobusdoleus @ 1/15/2010 07:15 commented on Big Purple Hair

Thanks for comment! I'm prepared to work on it more, but I'd like to state for the record that I made it from scratch in this size. With graphicsgale and a tablet.