_Connor @ 12/12/2014 23:00 commented on featus

Some of the other top 100 games look far more deserving of the win. How can yours win when its barely into developmment with no gameplay to show.

_Connor @ 9/22/2014 06:25 commented on Walk

I love the leg stretch. It gives him charm

_Connor @ 9/2/2014 03:56 commented on I am Groot!

Who's that?

_Connor @ 8/15/2014 07:21 commented on Little Han

I don't see whyy this would make news on PJ. Yeh, some kid on the inernet promised you money and trolled you. What's new? I've wasted more a lot more than 6 hours on projects that have fallen through. 

Somebody should probably just delete this whole thread.

_Connor @ 8/7/2014 04:35 commented on Genesis: Stage 8

voting for the soundtrack!

_Connor @ 8/7/2014 04:31 commented on SHOVEL KNIGHT GameBoy

This game is so great =D

_Connor @ 8/6/2014 00:28 commented on Chasing Butterflies

Love the dog. Love the hue of his coat reflected from the sky. Love those rocks; really simmple but look like they have twice the detail. Only problem is that the angle makes the girls orientation look a bit strange.

_Connor @ 8/4/2014 07:59 commented on Elite knight


It's so good D':

_Connor @ 8/3/2014 08:24 commented on Crafty's Dragon

Loving the wings so far. Will you be updating this? 

_Connor @ 7/31/2014 21:43 commented on Run Cycle

Very readable, though i think the arms look too long as they come up infront of him.

_Connor @ 7/26/2014 22:13 commented on Knight

Simple is a huge understatement.  You've captured The kind of matte gloss you see on worn plate mail perfectly imo. 

_Connor @ 7/18/2014 05:43 commented on Hahaha

Doesn't look twisted to me. Unless you mean it isnt perfectly side on? which isn't a problem anyway.

_Connor @ 7/16/2014 06:09 commented on Caster

You're going to animate this? Even the idea of that task frightens me...

_Connor @ 7/13/2014 08:21 commented on zangetsu

Then the blade would be offset and it would look even more unbalanced. 

_Connor @ 7/9/2014 20:46 commented on Bitwise MAN

I'm failing to see any comparison to octodad.

_Connor @ 7/8/2014 08:28 commented on Out of the clouds

This has gone beyond "too much dithering" and become it's own style. And i love it!

_Connor @ 6/30/2014 02:25 commented on By Leaps and Bounds

You can see that there is a frame bwteen when he's landing and when he's spun and swiped (frame 11), but it doesnt look like anything is happening. To me all that frame does is throw off the timing. Maybe have the sword more horizontal? I think a keyFrame at the Apex of the swipe would help as well. 

_Connor @ 6/29/2014 20:36 commented on By Leaps and Bounds

Awesome character design. I think some kind of blur/trail on the sword would help emphasise the swipe at the end.  You don't need frames on the turn around; they slow it down way too much. 

I hope you don't mind, i just tried a small edit:

removed 2 frames and adjusted landing position


The turn around is implied, and the whole point of the jump is to create momentum to swipe the sword faster. 

Adding a few more hold frames to the air time might help emphasise the motion as well.

_Connor @ 6/29/2014 20:24 commented on Running animation

The body needs some up and down motion. Look at some basic walk cycle tuts.  Could also speed up the animation; It looks slo-mo. The head is also way too small and the arms too short. 

_Connor @ 6/23/2014 20:23 commented on [Nazo no Murasame-jo] Takamaru

reaally smooth. love it 

_Connor @ 6/18/2014 22:31 commented on Kakashi Portrait

@ Crafty. Way better than Zelda =p. This game will give Nintendo a run for their money. 

_Connor @ 6/13/2014 04:00 commented on Sherlock Holmes

Had the same thought. The three hair pixels on his forehead read as eyes aand a mouth to me. 

_Connor @ 6/13/2014 03:57 commented on (Not my) Self Portrait

Because they need to fit in the canvas of course.

_Connor @ 6/6/2014 00:06 commented on Flower schoolgirl - remastered

This character is so awesome. Every piece you do wit her is great. The emerald queen one is still my fave though. 

_Connor @ 6/4/2014 21:56 commented on Treeline

I feel like if you cut the bottoms off at the same level it would give the piece a lot more direction. But that probably isn't what you'ree going for.