Lone Scout @ 4/2/2016 10:44 commented on Ramdom Girl portrait.

it looks very photographic for twelve colours. The colour pallette is a little soft for my liking, though the aliasing you have done for it makes it your own.

Lone Scout @ 4/2/2016 10:43 commented on Surreal Sunset

Don't worry about the colours mate, I learned after my first submision to use a pallette.

It's a beautiful piece, though I'm not sure if I would say it's pixel art. Pixel art usually has clearly-defined pixels and colour pallettes, so if you want to redo the piece with a much smaller colour count, it would be a great addition.

Lone Scout @ 4/2/2016 10:37 commented on Frog Avatar

I actually am prouder of my other frog pic, and that said, working on a game teaches you to make things as simple as possible. So now I'm going to learn how to make things fast while still allowing a good deal of quality.

(as well as tightening up the contrast, form, expressions, shading, and color theory, all of which I can work on)

Lone Scout @ 5/22/2015 09:07 commented on Frogs

The simplicity of the colors and how they contrast make for a unique style. There is also a sense of grime despite the flat colors, which is interesting.

You have a lot of stray pixels around the piece, popping up where they shouldn't. You can look at them.

Lone Scout @ 4/19/2015 15:33 commented on Airplanes - Bomber 2

Actually ten colors.

Lone Scout @ 4/19/2015 09:25 commented on portrait

I'm still interested in how effective two-color pallettes can be used.This is especially interesting because of how subtle the color choices and the dithering is.

Lone Scout @ 4/18/2015 16:04 commented on Pig stare

Reminded me more of Hotline Miami.

Lone Scout @ 4/15/2015 13:04 commented on Banana Coin Rainbowology

Thank you.

Lone Scout @ 4/14/2015 12:25 commented on Anime like!

You have a very sketch quality in your art. It's a little dirty this way, though the colors make up for the stuttering details.

Lone Scout @ 4/14/2015 00:16 commented on Wannabe Megaman

I agree. Dithering makes this piece look weaker because of how weak it is.

The color choice isn't bad. It could use with some more stylistic love though.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 23:22 commented on Five Three Color Sprites

They are very good for having two colors. It is a result of the dynamic shading and clever design.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 23:21 commented on New Explosion

You should reduce the frame rate in order to showcase all the fine details. Just as well, I wish not to cause any seizures.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 23:19 commented on The Angel of Death

Unrestricted canvas size will make for hard competition. The colors though - they are abusable.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 20:34 commented on Phoenix Starburst

Somebody said the palette reminded them of sunrise. I suppose this is natural.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 08:49 commented on Fedorable

Sorry to see you didn't place. I voted for you regardless.

Lone Scout @ 4/13/2015 08:46 commented on Animation Experiment 001


To be honest, the winners were who I expected to. Though not in this order.

Lone Scout @ 4/12/2015 09:32 commented on Jinxty

These are very pastel like colors, with a great deal of light and dark contrasting each other.

There is also very much detail present, which shows good use of space.

Lone Scout @ 4/11/2015 07:59 commented on Misty Psyduck

Your colors look a little flat, and your highlights look dull.

To improve you should increase the contrast of the lighting and use highlights for more detail, not for antialiasing.

Lone Scout @ 4/9/2015 12:38 commented on Fun with Hats

I like how smooth the morphing is. It makes me a little proud.

Lone Scout @ 4/9/2015 12:33 commented on High-Res Kirby

He looks like a flumpy lump of marshmallow. That fits him nicely.

Lone Scout @ 4/9/2015 07:55 commented on Warcraft I heroes

The animations are very effective at showing detail and fluidity despite their size.

Lone Scout @ 4/9/2015 07:41 commented on Jessie Misty

Your pixel work looks a little stray - as there are some pixels on the outline that looks distracting.

Lone Scout @ 4/9/2015 00:14 commented on misty yoko

I like the shading you've put in here. It's shiny, which I feel represents the character well.

Lone Scout @ 4/8/2015 23:31 commented on Misty Cubone

It does look flat around the edges. You could change the lighting or increase the contrast.

Lone Scout @ 4/7/2015 18:14 commented on Creep

It took two years to put out this piece. The wait was worth it.