Time to Bring Down the System

Two recent articles on MSN really crystalize just how out of whack our society is.  It would take a minimum wage worker 21,600 years to match one year's salary of Capital One Financial's CEO. 

"It should be a source of great national shame that the United States ranks No. 1 in the world in the size of the pay gap between executives and workers," says John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies, based in Washington, D.C. "And that the gap keeps growing wider."

Sorry for the soapbox, but this type of stuff tears me up and misery loves company!

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/27/2006 17:02  |    12


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sedgemonkey (Level 11 Coelacanth) @ 7/2/2006 13:51
The Governator wants to balance the budget of California and keep businesses happy (an admirable and futile task).  I can't say I disagree with his intentions, but his methods have been terrible thus far.

Aleiav (Level 2 Quiet One) @ 6/29/2006 09:41
And thanks to Ahnold, my Federal Pell Grant was cut by 2,000 dollars this semester.

I hope he WON'T be back. >_<

big brother (Level 11 Admiral) @ 6/29/2006 07:36

And I was under the impression that the government was comprised of people!

Well people plus one robot, since Ahnold is the Terminator.

7sons (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/28/2006 15:17
usa like all western countrys isnt ruled by a gov but by the highfinance - usa is just the most obvious example

Aiko (Level 1 Quiet One) @ 6/28/2006 15:14
i bet many citizens of the US would love an opportunity to change the ridiculous payscale, but our country is no longer run by the people; it's run by the government. today more than ever, our rights and money go to the government.

7sons (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/28/2006 15:04
in the medieval ppl like this were called counts n kings...

Aleiav (Level 2 Quiet One) @ 6/28/2006 13:18
It doesn't surprise me one bit.

That's one of the reasons I don't like living in America. You grow up with this "land of oppurtunity" bullshit shoved down your throat every other day when in actuality no one really gives a damn about you unless you have money.  If you don't have money, you're basically screwed and if you don't know the right people, you might never have enough money.

Mullet (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 6/28/2006 12:58
That really is disgusting. We see topics Hurricane Katrina and people starving. Yet these $280 million a year fellows won't invest any of it in worthy causes. If they had trouble supporting themselves, I could understand, but if they boatloads of money they should donate it to worthy causes. At least, you know, that $180,000,000 extra.

sedgemonkey (Level 11 Coelacanth) @ 6/28/2006 07:22
Let me put it this way... $280 Million to do a job (the CEO's listed in the article did not start the companies)  just seems wrong.  It's wrong for the shareholders, it's wrong for the company and it's wrong for society. 

big brother (Level 11 Admiral) @ 6/28/2006 06:58

It really has to do with the concepts of economic rent, comparative advantage, and the amount of responsibility. Results of the capitalist system. The decisions a CEO makes involves much more money than say, the decisions of a cashier at The GAP.

Usually, the track to a cushy job involves paying a lot of dues. I have a friend that's working in finance, making around 90K/year, but his hours are ridiculous (8AM-8PM) plus weekends sometimes. One Saturday night, his boss called him from the office at 3AM in the morning (when we were at the bars) and told him to come in to work in a few hours. Basically, he's comforted by the fact that in ten years or so, he'll be living the good life. But in the meantime, it's hair loss and wrinkles.  

Ensellitis (Level 11 Sensei) @ 6/28/2006 03:44
here i am barely scraping by, and these jerks are trying to decide wether or not to buy 2 more mercedies or another luxory vacation mansion or an island...  And i do 10X more work then they do...

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