13 Color Palette Contest


Time for another Pixeljoint palette comp which is open to everyone and is quite simple.
Submit your 13 color unique & original palette.

You must name the HEX values and NO black - 000000 or white - FFFFFF

The winning palette will be used in PJs next collab and a spiffy trophy added to your profile.
+1000 Pts+500 Pts +250 Pts+100 Pts
*honorable mentions may be given for this contest as needed.

See the forum thread to post your entry and read the rules HERE

Contest closes on Thursday, September 5, 2013. OPEN!


Posted by Gecimen @ 8/15/2013 02:17  |    30


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Innomin (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 8/17/2013 20:14

Time to give people more info than they want! Hex codes come from RGB values, which are generally 8 "bits per channel". This literally means that full white (#FFFFFF, or R255 G255 B255) is 24 bits, or 11111111 11111111 11111111 in binary.

Hex digits are 0-F, and correspond to Binary 0000 - 1111 (since 1111 binary = 15 decimal = F hex). This is why programmers like hexidecimal, because it makes 1111 1111 binary into #FF (4 binary digits = 1 hex digit exactly!). Binary to decimal is much more complicated (128*digit1 + 64*digit2 + 32*digit3 + 16*digit4 + ... + 1*digit8).

The best way I know to get hex values is GraphicsGale, which is free. =) You just select two colors in your palette and choose "Copy RGB Values" to get a list of all the colors between them in the clipboard.

after selecting, paste the list in a text file:
#44B28E #808080 #800000 #804000 #808000 #008000 #008080 #000080
#800080 #FF0000 #FF8000 #FFFF00 #00FF00 #00FFFF #0000FF #FF00FF

Carnivac (Level 8 Behemoth) @ 8/17/2013 02:47

Even Paint Shop Pro 7 from the year 2000 can do Hex codes though it refers to them as 'HTML Codes' in it's colour picker (which is fair enough as you do use Hex codes in HTML to set colours).

Bohnz (Level 1 Depressed) @ 8/16/2013 15:27

 thanks jalonso, and thanks to Friend aswel, i shall get onto my pallet asap then.

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 8/16/2013 15:21

 @Hapiel: Some info in the docs: Palette Analysis 

@Jal: Converting a value to HEX is really hard, it requires this whole inbuilt function: hex  = string.format("%x",dec)! :D. (And I've built a big library of functions over time, so it's not like things have to be done from scratch, hehe)

Ok, started a script, here's what it outputs so far (it ignores duplicates).


Hapiel (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 8/16/2013 14:41

Speaking of your amazing scrips which helped me create what I have so far, care to perhaps explain what goes on in your analyse images? I posted one in the topic..

AtskaHeart (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/16/2013 14:33

That would be useful actually, I'm a common user of your ToolBox, especially when working with colors.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/16/2013 14:24

 OMG! how is that figured out 

We might have to edit your handle to smartiepoop

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 8/16/2013 13:44

Hmm, that could be a good idea for a GrafX2 script; a textfile output of the palette with RGB + HEX values (and maybe more) 

shampoop (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 8/16/2013 13:23

Or you could do the math: 250, 20, 40 = 11111010, 00010100, 00101000 = FA, 14, 28 = FA1428

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 8/16/2013 12:37

you can also try a new pixel software such as gimp, which readily tells you hex values with the eye dropper

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/16/2013 12:02

 Bohnz, work on your color palette then use PJs spec checker which will produce the hex values you can then copy them into your entry.


bookmark it ;)

Bohnz (Level 1 Depressed) @ 8/16/2013 11:56

I would enter but I'm not sure how to accurately define hex values, I just use paint so: hue, sat, lum is what I'm accustomed to.

AtskaHeart (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/16/2013 03:14

I'm looking forward to seeing your palette/s XD!

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 8/15/2013 15:09

You know so much about colors anyway.  you need a rainbow trophy

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/15/2013 13:40

 @Ashkin, if you do post an example of your palette in use then as we vote on the winners it certainly will help. Check out past palette comps and see how they developed. They are in the forum and the news section of the gallery.

Notice that in the thread for this comp FlyGuy has a palette with a sample. Doing that is cool, k.

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 8/15/2013 13:18

Yay, another chance to win the Thumb-Up trophy! :)

Peyton (Level 6 Hitman) @ 8/15/2013 12:26

Well, I am going to have a fun time with this :p

Ashkin (Level 8 Rear Admiral) @ 8/15/2013 11:56

Another question- is it advised to attach mockups to demonstrate your palette in action? Can I do that?

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/15/2013 11:31

 Oh noes! that's an error...updating post.

shampoop (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 8/15/2013 11:15

Pure black and white is accepted this time .

Gecimen (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 8/15/2013 08:25

@AtskaHeart; you can make several palettes. But what if the theme is none of these?

r1k (Level 1 Rookie) @ 8/15/2013 07:56

the good thing about everybody not tailoring their submissions to a specific theme is that in the end we'll end up with a number of nice pallets suited for different situations, even if only one winds up the winner.

AtskaHeart (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/15/2013 07:49

Then I guess you can't make several specific palettes to support the majority of possible themes (eg forest, magma, cave, underwater, desert, space, etc) but rather make a palette that is close to be able to support almost all themes.

Gecimen (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 8/15/2013 07:38

To answer all of the questions - a good all-round palette always comes before a spesific theme palette. But if a good palette doesn't quite cover the "secret theme" then it's obviously not good enough.

To be more spesific: Let's say I made a really good looking palette without using blue and the theme turned out to be underwater (which is last collab's theme). My palette obviously doesn't get too many votes, even if it would go very well with another theme.

AtskaHeart (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/15/2013 06:13

I guess it's good to make a palette that combines uniqueness (which shows some general style in all the colors) and flexibility (like DB's)

a3um (Level 4 Shichikyu) @ 8/15/2013 05:51

 I assume no, as in previous palette challenges. The good news is you can have more than one entry:)

Hapiel (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 8/15/2013 05:22

So yeah, really no guide about what the palette should suite for?

jeremy (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 8/15/2013 03:17

The theme comes later ;o

Ashkin (Level 8 Rear Admiral) @ 8/15/2013 02:37

Huh, interesting, haven't seen one of these in my short time here. I'm not very good at palette making but I'll try just for fun- I assume there's no theme and it's just meant to be 'general purpose', like Dawnbringer's?

AtskaHeart (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 8/15/2013 02:23

Yay, was waiting for this :DDD!

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