SeDiceBisonte @ 10/17/2021 14:26 commented on Navy Seal With Rocket Launcher

Ran out of time to finish an entry this week

Just managed to vote though. Lots more great entries. I can't wait to see the next prompt!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/10/2021 13:23 commented on Puppy

Well that took a while. When this first started, I optimistically thought I might comment on every entry. Don't think I even managed a quarter.

Can't wait to see the results. There are some truly fantastic pieces in there!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/10/2021 13:19 commented on Spoop House 1

Such cute spoopy ghosts!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/10/2021 13:01 commented on Here.

I can't speak for the countryside in Slavic countries, but I know the feeling you've captured as a Brit. I love the dampness you've somehow portrayed, and the sky feels a steely blue-grey despite the acid colours.

Definite Stalker vibes too (the film and the games). Nice work!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/10/2021 12:57 commented on There be Kobolds

The cute pig is such a nice touch. There's so much personality in this poster.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/6/2021 14:34 commented on Pixelween 2021: Chryssalid Attack II

Great stuff! Even better than the first, and that preview is perfect.

I love the light reflecting in the chryssalid's eyes. Once again, it's impressive how scary you've made the 90s chryssalid look. The skull shape of the chitin on the front of its head goes a long way (and also references its Alien-referencing design, since the original xenomorph had a skull faintly visible inside its head).

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/6/2021 11:40 commented on Pixelween 2021: Chryssalid

@CELS I had to YouTube some chryssalids just to remind myself of the animation. Considering the graphics aren't the best part of the game (although they are atmospheric in their own way), that bounce is a nice little touch!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 15:05 commented on ISOrd

I won't hold back then!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 02:54 commented on Big Bird

To me, 'awakened' sounds most natural but I'd be tempted to make it 'The Attack of the Awakened' or 'Attack of the Awakened'.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 02:30 commented on Pingu

Congratulations! It's amazing what everyone did with such a weird palette. It was a lot of fun voting on this one.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:54 commented on Splitting Headache

Great work. The extreme perspective is so good, and you've made that ugly palette look amazing!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:49 commented on ISOrd

Hopefully my struggling to find as much time to be here is only temporary. Ideally I'll get on the Discord more frequently again too.

"Getting stick" means receiving criticism. It was probably too British an idiom to randomly use on an international website!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:46 commented on Message

What a brilliant idea and it honestly looks great. I can't wait to see where this series goes.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:20 commented on Another Doggie

@Hapiel Thanks. It'll be easier to stick exactly to the prompts with my second series!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:12 commented on an ancient gothic window

Very nice. The palette is beautiful and I love the painterly feel.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 01:10 commented on Memento Mori.

Beautiful shading. The skull has so much definition. I love the gothic atmosphere!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 00:17 commented on Another Doggie

One of my series has a title that doesn't work grammatically, so is it permitted to fudge it a bit and use the subject of the poster (in my case the main character) as the noun?

Can't wait to try this crazy palette whatever happens!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/4/2021 00:11 commented on FINS: Pixelween 2021: Week 1

Absolutely incredible, beautiful work. This really stands out, even among 200+ entries!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:30 commented on SWAMP THING BEGINS "The Anatomy Lesson"

I've yet to read any of Moore's Swamp Thing, but I still love this rendition. The lighting and texturing are great, and it's very effective as a poster. Love the logo too!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:26 commented on va banque

What a wonderful character. I love how mysterious she is. You've made really good use of the blue in this.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:25 commented on Bad Poker Face

Brilliant concept, and I love the lighting on the helmet. It has a similar level of shine to plastic, which I think is tough to get right.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:24 commented on Adjudicator

Superb work. Those clusters are perfect, and the palette looks so natural in your hands. Then there are the wonderful details, especially the crown. This is definitely my favourite entry this week.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:13 commented on Dead Beat

Welcome to Pixel Joint! Really good concept here, and it works really well with the palette. I love that the lead actor is the boombox.

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:10 commented on Succubus

@verionj Thanks so much!

SeDiceBisonte @ 10/3/2021 14:09 commented on Duality

This is really good! There are a lot of elements but it doesn't feel busy at all. That demonic face looks great, as does the creepy silhouette with the scythe. Great transition into the woman's face via the hair, too.