kevink @ 7/6/2012 13:19 commented on Adventurer's Inventory


kevink @ 7/1/2012 02:10 commented on Big Bird

Happy bday guys.

kevink @ 6/29/2012 14:56 commented on Big Bird

By the way, DerVVulfman was talking about me. If that's what you meant? 

kevink @ 6/29/2012 14:54 commented on Big Bird

Not me. I'm the reason people ask you about the tilesets :). 

kevink @ 6/29/2012 09:13 commented on Big Bird

No actually I'm the "green raven" from and lots of other forums from back in the day.

edit: I used to have an account on charas as well by that name. 

kevink @ 6/22/2012 04:25 commented on Pocket Monsters

Sick bro, glad you finally finished it. 

kevink @ 3/22/2012 06:25 commented on ISOldier

commenting for obvious awesomeness stating purposes.

kevink @ 3/21/2012 08:11 commented on Megwhite

To me Carnivac's was the best one.

kevink @ 3/12/2012 09:20 commented on Let's be honest here guys...

I honestly never suspected you made this. 

kevink @ 3/12/2012 09:19 commented on The Fray Bat

lovely idle. 

kevink @ 3/6/2012 01:07 commented on Castle Commander Sprites

Very stylish mate. I wish to see more. 

kevink @ 2/27/2012 07:44 commented on Dragonite

Musclebaby dragonite?

kevink @ 2/27/2012 05:12 commented on Martian

Why not make this a "rule" instead? 

kevink @ 2/26/2012 17:16 commented on Big Bird

congrats jalonso, manupix, zeid! 

kevink @ 2/25/2012 12:48 commented on Big Bird

smitfraudfix is a great program for virus and worm destruction. It will get rid of every trojan or nasty dialer that's hiding on your computer.

kevink @ 2/24/2012 14:21 commented on Demon Defense

foreground+background+castles make this piece great.

kevink @ 2/23/2012 05:12 commented on slimy avatar


kevink @ 2/23/2012 05:09 commented on slimy avatar

Thanks man. 

kevink @ 2/22/2012 12:46 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

I particularly like how smooth this is.

kevink @ 2/14/2012 18:13 commented on Forest

The quality and style throughout this piece are very diverse.  Which makes me wonder if this is 100% custom.

kevink @ 2/13/2012 15:31 commented on Big Bird

All Dutchies are awesome like that. It's because of our superior genes.

kevink @ 1/28/2012 09:19 commented on Big Bird

 I hate the "find images" function on google :(
It shows me all kinds of improper use of images I created :(

kevink @ 1/20/2012 06:55 commented on Big Bird

My first guess was definently art deco. And it instantly reminded me of those old propaganda posters.
You could try stencils to get a result like that.

kevink @ 1/19/2012 15:21 commented on Big Bird

so, sopa and pipa got postponed. But megaupload got taken down by the FBI today.. 

kevink @ 1/19/2012 11:19 commented on iPhone Mockup I

Ohw wow, I really don't like the new colors on the roof. The overall contrast was much beter before.  Right now it feels a bit lifeless.