Mullet @ 1/16/2009 12:03 commented on Walking Animation
that's pretty awesome.  I have trouble with iso people at all, let alone animating. Great work.

Mullet @ 1/16/2009 11:59 commented on Solid Snake Avatar
Fixed it!  The Solid Snake avatar is finally just that:  an avatar.  Feel free to use it.

Mullet @ 12/6/2008 01:28 commented on Big tiles-Field
Those tiles look so...awesome.  I thought the background was made with a gradient tool, and then I zoomed in and saw the patterns.  My browser has blurry scaling so I can't tell if it's dithering or spray paint, but this is great either way.  Nice style

Mullet @ 11/21/2008 10:53 commented on The Ninja Runs!
I like the open hand much better.  I'm actuall a fan of the non-head bob version, as it makes it seem like he's an instensely focused ninja with no intention of loosing track of his target.  At all.  Great job in my opinion.

Mullet @ 11/21/2008 10:51 commented on Colossal Katamari
This amazes me everytime I see it.

Mullet @ 11/9/2008 23:03 commented on Main Character Walk
I think it would look better if the head moved a little, other than how it exactly follows the body now.

Mullet @ 11/9/2008 22:57 commented on General Dither
Pretty good as far as the drawing goes.  However, the coloring needs a pretty good deal of work.  Look at some of the really good pieces on this site (for instance browse through the well known guys or look at the week's top pixel art) and study their choices of color and how they use them.  For one, you need contrasting colors in order to make a noticeable difference and so that you can do more with less.

Color choices are definitely a strong indicator of your style, and so it will take a while to find the method that works for you.  However, well chosen and well place colors will make everything considerably better.  You may even considering messing with this sprite over and over until you find something that suits you.

Keep up the good work

Mullet @ 11/5/2008 09:55 commented on Is that a...BIRD?!
Very nice.  I agree that the grass doesn't look particularly good, but overall it's nice.  I don't see any pillowshading either.

Actually, I think the itty-bitty flower in the bottom left is pillow shaded.  It's pretty trivial though.

Mullet @ 10/31/2008 23:06 commented on Running Main Character
Yeah, I've done the face entirely differently in my new sprite.  It's more round, with some different hair strands poking out.  Also, has anyone else noticed how the feet look really bad (especially the back foot).

Mullet @ 10/19/2008 20:16 commented on Won't Share My Banana !!!
I actually like the preview better.  Makes you think about what the monkey might be doing.

Mullet @ 12/8/2006 09:56 commented on Wolfie VS Raptors
Excellent work. Something about the wolf just bothers me though. I guess it's that his legs look like their in a straightlin and the way his right arm just looks like in an odd position. May just be me though. As for actual technique though, it looks great.

Mullet @ 10/25/2006 06:46 commented on The Pixelz of Oz
Amazing. My favorite part isn't just the composition or the knowledge of lighting and tone, but the textures. Great used of dithering and other patterns like the squares.  Very good indeed.

Mullet @ 7/3/2006 13:19 commented on Future Fantasy
Excellent character design and execution. Do I detect a hint of Snake Pliskin in the ogre?

Mullet @ 6/29/2006 00:04 commented on Leader of those Armies Bright
Wooh, that's sweet. The only things that bother me about it are the letters (too small and jumbled together to make out) and the jarring shift of the black to the blue on the face (don't notice it as much zoomed in though).

Other than that, great work. 5/5, methinks

Mullet @ 6/28/2006 12:58 commented on French Mime
That really is disgusting. We see topics Hurricane Katrina and people starving. Yet these $280 million a year fellows won't invest any of it in worthy causes. If they had trouble supporting themselves, I could understand, but if they boatloads of money they should donate it to worthy causes. At least, you know, that $180,000,000 extra.

Mullet @ 6/27/2006 22:15 commented on zombie
I really like the animation. It may not do justice to rigor mortis, nor the traditional notion of zombies, but I like the character of the animation. Looks awesome to me.

Mullet @ 6/26/2006 15:05 commented on STFU n00b
The background and letters look pretty good. The gun and hand are lacking though. The gun looks very cartoony with it's heavy emphasis on line instead of light and shade, and the hand has next to no form. Due to the way it's shaded, it looks more like folded paper. Remember, fingers are similar to cylinders, so try to shade them accordingly. Right now they're shaded as if they're flat.

Mullet @ 6/26/2006 14:49 commented on Moon Machine
This is much better than your others. And at 32 colors, there are no questions as to whether or not it's pixel art. I have to say though, the blue could certainly blend in better.

Mullet @ 6/26/2006 14:39 commented on Afraid Of Light
Regardless as to whether or not it's hand pixelled, which I believe it's not, I don't like it. Considering the number of colors and the static-ish dither patterns on the blue guy, it would have looked better at a large resolution in a photoshop style piece. It lacks the clarity I that enjoy in pixel art.

Mullet @ 6/26/2006 14:18 commented on The Spartan
Looking back, there's one spot that bothers me. His right hands thumb, the one holding the flame sword, is seperated from the sword by only a line. It looks really out place, considering how every other spot is defined using shading, but that one line is used for the division there. Pardon the pun, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Mullet @ 6/24/2006 18:27 commented on the wolf vs little red hood
Excellent work. The only thing I can see in it that bother's me is the wolf's portrait. His chunks of fur don't seem in proportion with the small wolf's, and something about his mouth gums seems odd, though there's no problem with the smaller one. 5/5

Mullet @ 6/24/2006 18:21 commented on Troll Ogre
Looks a little over-dithered to me. That's just me though, as I've never really liked more than slight amounts of dithering, especially not if the surface isn't rough. Again, that's probably just me though.
The only real thing that I think could add to this is higher contrast. Other than that, excellent job.

Mullet @ 6/24/2006 18:12 commented on Solid Snake Avatar
Good point. Modified the head, and does look better overall now.  If anyone is wondering why the Solid Snake avatar isn't usable as an avatar, it was because I wanted to be stingy and use it for myself. So I checked off the "Allow others to use as avatar" box. Lo and behold though, I can't use it either, and it won't let me reset to be usable. Moral of the story: don't be stingy :P

Mullet @ 6/23/2006 17:13 commented on Valentine S‚hib 1842
Pretty good. My main complaints are how much the lineart sticks out from subjects, and how active the 3 objects are animated. The girl looks like she's having a somber moment, but the background screams "Disco Party!"

Excellent job on making the painting actually look like a painting though.

Mullet @ 6/23/2006 15:46 commented on Sanctuary Guardian
friggin sweet dithering. I thought there was a middle shade of gray on the pillar/pipe/tentacle. Then I zoomed in. Props, amigo :D