Froli @ 6/8/2011 17:42 commented on Elk's Deathwing

Saw the link posted by mathias in pixelation. This is awesome and mighty impressive but! if you do have some time and the drive to get back on it in the future, just a few clean up what like the others have mentioned would be great.

Froli @ 2/16/2010 21:02 commented on Mechanix Girl

Felt bad hearing this. My condolences fool.

Froli @ 1/15/2010 04:37 commented on Dragon rider

Another epic piece fool. It's so good that you can edit the colors with so many possiblities, thats why some of the guys are trying their own versions lol. <goes to bed and rests>

Froli @ 7/2/2009 09:24 commented on Scratch my back, would ya'? god.

Froli @ 9/11/2008 02:19 commented on Artistic Nude
Hm Like the ones mentioned before, the right hand looks abnormal and I think It would be better if you used the darker shades of her hips to it.  Head should be a bit bigger, the eyes are out of proportioned and same goes for the lips.

Froli @ 8/21/2008 12:39 commented on Bite my shiny metal ass
Hall of fame. Awesome work

Froli @ 6/11/2008 01:58 commented on Invaders
Haha that was fun..finished it on the first try though since It was easy with the power ups. Awesome graphics man

Froli @ 6/3/2008 19:39 commented on The tragic end of Tomato
Looks very juicy and fresh

Froli @ 6/1/2008 07:03 commented on Big Bird

Froli @ 6/1/2008 06:52 commented on Big Bird
This is the work of the pantsman..

Froli @ 6/1/2008 05:57 commented on Big Bird
Hmm can't access pixelation.

Froli @ 4/13/2008 21:27 commented on Discombobulated Duo in Disco Dimension
Damn... Only 8 colors. Looks awesome

Froli @ 1/29/2008 22:11 commented on In a middle of nowhere
Very inspiring.

Froli @ 1/13/2008 19:47 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove
Just the style and coloring.

Froli @ 9/28/2007 06:03 commented on ciel again
the old one for the stance <new one has manly stance>, the new one for the hair and hand details. You should combine both :)

Froli @ 8/26/2007 15:10 commented on Hero - Prelude (WIP shots)
The font is a bit hard to read probably because of the gray background. Have you tried with a black background? I think it would look better. Overall, it looks great man :)

Froli @ 8/22/2007 15:36 commented on SuperHead Small
Heh the reviewer is just one of the clones of angry nintendo nerd/james nintendo nerd.

Froli @ 8/14/2007 12:49 commented on Rust Mesa
This scenery gives me an eerie feeling, call me wierd :P  This is amazingly well done <thumbs up>

Froli @ 7/10/2007 06:11 commented on TransmonuStamp
Ugh, way to blow your reputation.

Froli @ 6/23/2007 15:10 commented on Pokémon Evolving challenge
You got the style spot on. Awesome job

Froli @ 6/1/2007 05:59 commented on Sumo: men in diapers
If that is a boss enemy in a game, I'll run away. Great stuff there Fool :D

Froli @ 5/24/2007 19:54 commented on Food Stamp
Very clean..It's beautiful.

Froli @ 5/9/2007 07:42 commented on Legend of Iya DS "mockup" screenshot
And I thought I already found an awesome ds mockup...Until I checked this one. Awesome colors and design. Fave'd

Froli @ 5/9/2007 07:35 commented on Nintendo DS Mockup
You win. Awesome tribute

Froli @ 5/2/2007 07:17 commented on My forest scene
what an awesome atmosphere. This is just beautiful