Faktablad @ 2/3/2008 19:42 commented on Come get some
Brilliant!  Nicely composed too.

Faktablad @ 1/29/2008 16:34 commented on In a middle of nowhere
...and I thought losing your virginity was supposed to be awkward!

Faktablad @ 1/21/2008 20:31 commented on Typical Skull remastered...still pretty typical

At least make a background that's less hard on the eyes.  I'd reccomend black.  Besides the background, I like the idea and excecution of it, so I'm going to add it to my faves list.

Faktablad @ 1/18/2008 21:38 commented on Controller 1 album cover
Cool concept.  I love everything but the huge butt chin, haha.

Faktablad @ 1/9/2008 19:08 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove

It's finally done!  Banzai!

I see some pillow shading here and there (like on the seals), but I love how nicely unified the palette is.

Faktablad @ 1/6/2008 09:36 commented on Kikimora
Oddly enough, out of this whole piece, the part that I like best is the foot going into the water.  I love the way it disappears into the murk.

Faktablad @ 1/6/2008 09:33 commented on Room: beer party
Great style on this iso!

Faktablad @ 1/6/2008 09:32 commented on 4bit buenzli chocolate
Oh, cool.  I just thought it was really cool to randomly find the same cow somewhere else, haha.

Faktablad @ 1/5/2008 21:46 commented on Gangsters lunch
The time has come at last
To throw away this mask
So everyone can see
My true identity...
I'm Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy! KILROY.

Faktablad @ 1/5/2008 21:06 commented on 4bit buenzli chocolate
Here's something interesting I found: a cow strikingly similar to yours, in an "abandoned graffiti palace" in Gent, Belgium:
5th picture down.  Is this a well-known character, or just coincidence?

Faktablad @ 1/3/2008 21:30 commented on [gameboy demake] the secret of donkey kong island - title screen and swordfight
'Tis good-looking, but I can't tell what those things in the background of the 2nd half are supposed to be.

Faktablad @ 1/3/2008 18:59 commented on New avatar...
Love the 3D effect on the zombie did you plan that out?

Faktablad @ 1/1/2008 19:54 commented on Avatar
Didn't notice the animation at first.  Cute!

Faktablad @ 1/1/2008 19:52 commented on Red Fuse - Snakebite
Mega late, but nice job on the oopdate!!  I think what I like most about this avatar is the teeth on the bomb.  For some reason they just look awesome.  Great pixeling.

Faktablad @ 1/1/2008 19:30 commented on Cornstar on Caffine.
Looking at the list, it's pretty clear that the challenges have gotten a lot of great pixel art made that wouldn't otherwise have been made. 

Faktablad @ 12/24/2007 20:48 commented on Big Bird
Lar and Blick drool, Law rules. 

(Which is to say: jk, all of them are awesome.)

Faktablad @ 12/24/2007 16:01 commented on Guardians
I just have to commend you for your patience in pixeling the background.  That must have been a nightmare.

Faktablad @ 12/24/2007 10:29 commented on Wanted
Yeah, heh.  The composition is definitely not supposed to make sense, and at this point 5 years later I'm not really sure what I was thinking.

Faktablad @ 12/24/2007 10:02 commented on Terley and the small orange fairy - for Jolly
I love this comic so much.  Hilarious.

Faktablad @ 12/20/2007 19:55 commented on No Commodore Sixty-Four Old Men


"No, Chigurh."

Faktablad @ 12/20/2007 19:52 commented on Merry Christmas...
This just improved my mood so much, you don't even know.

Faktablad @ 12/16/2007 15:32 commented on Caravan
Wouldn't that be funny if the cassettes propelled themselves along using the tape on the bottom as some sort of tread?

Faktablad @ 12/16/2007 15:26 commented on Little guys
Nice and adorable.  I have a feeling that the light blue one's walk animation is a bit too spastic, but it probably won't matter in-game.

Faktablad @ 12/16/2007 10:24 commented on Skelefunk
I just adore the tiny limbs on this guy.  It's oozing style.

Faktablad @ 12/16/2007 10:18 commented on Jumping Creature
Such an awesome animation.  I greally would have liked some more creative colors and realistic lighting, though.