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The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for August 2016. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtStarry night by FrostPumpkin
#2 Pixel ArtDOOMSLAYER by Thu
#3 Pixel ArtThe GFX Void Bludgeoner by Mathias
#4 Pixel Artchurch by skittle
#5 Pixel ArtLink's definitely a hoarder by Jinn
#6 Pixel ArtRaccoon City - Pixel Dailies by JerryPie
#7 Pixel ArtThe Lions Gate by AprilSundae
#8 Pixel ArtJump Frog Jump! by Adcrusher
#9 Pixel ArtRelics of the ancient shed by Finlal
#10 Pixel ArtWarcraft 2 Sprites by vazovski
Posted by Mandrill @ 9/18/2016 14:03  |    2

The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for July 2016. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtPokemon RedBlue Revamp by Jinn
#2 Pixel ArtRainy day by beetleking
#3 Pixel ArtTeddybear by orangemagik
#4 Pixel ArtEagle Island BGs by skittle
#5 Pixel ArtCosmia's Study by AlcopopStar
#6 Pixel ArtTower by orangemagik
#7 Pixel ArtDuelyst Spells by JerryPie
#8 Pixel ArtAdventurer by ArtArcade
#9 Pixel ArtJungle Cave Background by Pukahuna
#10 Pixel ArtTrippycats by mwambi
Posted by Mandrill @ 8/19/2016 08:06  |    3

The Chaos Engine winners have been drawn. Congratulations to the following people:

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Posted by skamocore @ 9/10/2013 02:22  |    14

We recently reached 50,000 active pieces in the gallery! To celebrate, we're going to give away six Steam copies of the newly re-released Chaos Engine - featuring wonderful pixel artwork from Dan Malone.

In order to participate, create an avatar for yourself (64 x 64px) using one of the original Chaos Engine palettes shown below (this includes the black); you do not have to use all the colours, but for obvious reasons, you need to use at least 2. You may also use transparency.

Start using your avatar and post a comment in this news post to enter. Everyone with an account made on or before September 2nd, 2013 and an avatar using one of the below palettes is eligible to enter.

You have until September 10th, 5pm AEST to enter. Six winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries. You may create multiple avatars, but you will only entered once.

Winners will need to have a Steam account to receive the game.

Update: You do not need to use all of the colours. Black is allowed, as is transparency.

Posted by skamocore @ 9/3/2013 06:40  |    54

The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for April 2012. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtBurgundy dragon by teto
#2 Pixel ArtWaterfall Background by Sohei
#3 Pixel Artcrepuscularz by st0ven
#4 Pixel ArtGod-Ray by a3um
#5 Pixel ArtFullmetal Alchemist - SNES by Jinn
#6 Pixel ArtLoof Forest by philippejugnet
#7 Pixel ArtInfiltrator by a3um
#8 Pixel ArtSki Free by Adam
#9 Pixel ArtThe incredible Blobzilla! by Mrmo Tarius
#10 Pixel ArtLoof Waterfall by philippejugnet
Posted by skamocore @ 5/15/2012 19:03  |    16

As you may be aware, we've been having server issues recently. In order to help prevent such issues in the future, Pixel Joint has decided to phase out the current login system in favour of the more robust Facebook® login system.

Thankfully, this exciting upgrade will take place as soon as possible. Hopefully by the end of next week the ugly old system will be long gone, and users will only be able to login via the world's #1 social network. Hooray!

We are well aware that not everyone uses Facebook®; therefore we do have a solution for those without a Facebook® account. Please read on for instructions.

Update: Just to clarify for those that didn't catch on; this is an April Fools joke and we have no plans to change the login system.

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Posted by skamocore @ 4/1/2012 01:01  |    36
Forum Highlights is a new feature we'll be using to showcase some of the great activity that takes place in the forums. For our first highlight, new member kenpokis demonstrates impressive dedication and patience in his WIP thread, improving his simple landscape in leaps and bounds.
Kudos to everyone who contributed, with special mention of iggybork, jalonso, Jeremy, Manupix, and Ninja Crow for their excellent and plentiful critique.
Click here for the thread!
Posted by Hatch @ 2/19/2010 07:11  |    18

 In Fool's own words:

This is probably the less appropriate place for this, but i feel it is just too much for me to handle. My baby daughter haven't come back from sleep, don't know what happened yet - possible cause fatal drug combination, zoloft and some painkiller she took before go to bed. She just turn 18 a few days ago and was so happy she can buy cigarettes on her own. Now I still see her online in skype, write unspoken words and afraid to hit enter because that bad dream will become a reality - she will not reply anymore... I thought I've seen crap in life, but picking a coffin for my child top everything off. I know, I'm not first and unfortunately not the last father loosing his child, you don't know her but if you, good people, can find in your heart to say simple "Good bye Jessica" this monday at 1 pm est please do so. I don't expect everyone to post here, I do realize there is no word capable to fix this... And I dont feel up to continue with the whole art thing any longer. At least for now, when sense of being peels off from everything. Thanks everyone. This account will be abandoned for some time, I would take my time to readjust my life with half of soul left .

Our thoughts are with Fool and his family. Let's all say goodbye to Jessica at 1 PM EST today. (February 15, 2010)

Posted by Hatch @ 2/15/2010 07:12  |    127
There's up to $10,000 in tuition awards for an in-game design, concept art and a pair of essays for any girl enrolled at an Art Institute being given out by Sony. Plus, the grand prize winner will get a paid design internship at one of the four SOE studios across the US. This is nothing to sneeze at, as getting a game design job is nearly impossible for newbie designers.  Somebody must have just realized over 50% of the people playing games,  especially casual games which are largely pixel based, are female.

For more info see the following link:
Posted by Wiredgirl @ 4/2/2008 18:22  |    19

"...the work of Arjan Westerdiep, who created the image in MS Paint in a process that took him 560 hours. Arjan’s website allows you to click around the entire piece and watch it get drawn pixel by pixel."

Worth a look for sure.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/1/2008 23:27  |    17
We are very sorry to inform the pixelart community that this coming Friday will be Pixeljoint's last day on the interwebs.
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Posted by jalonso @ 3/31/2008 19:54  |    93
As you might have noticed PJ is experiencing some email issues the last couple of weeks. I'm going to work all day today to try and get this figured out. I apologize for the bumpy experience.

Update 3/30/2008:  After nearly a full day's fumbling I finally have the email back on track. If you encounter any email errors please send me a PM and we'll get it worked out.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 3/29/2008 12:30  |    8
Photoshop Express is available to download for free from the Adobe website.  Unfortunately it only has the most basic functions available, but some may find it useful. They are making it available free in the hopes that you'll upgrade to one of the more expensive versions.
Posted by Wiredgirl @ 3/28/2008 10:43  |    8 | Source
Who knew that technology a fair number of us have in our house
is capable of providing an absolutely massive tablet (Kind of)?

Posted by Saboteur @ 3/25/2008 12:44  |    16 | Source
Paul Robertson, creator of Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 and the music video for Architecture in Helsinki's Do the Whirlwind has officially released his new pixel film Kings of Power 4 Billion %

*also Posted by HMC
Posted by skamocore @ 3/23/2008 18:45  |    12
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for February 2008. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtTank vol.3 by 4tochkin
#2 Pixel ArtR U sure your mom let me stay? by Fool
#3 Pixel ArtSTOMP STOMP STOMP by FrankieSmileShow
#4 Pixel ArtRoadkill market leftovers by Fool
#5 Pixel ArtFantasy_Homestead by zi-double
#6 Pixel ArtTerrifying Monsters by ThereIsNoCure
#7 Pixel ArtAdvance wars: Kitchen force by Gas 13
#8 Pixel ArtCanine warriors outing by emlan
#9 Pixel ArtTrapped by mobichan
#10 Pixel ArtIn Admiration of the Monument by Zephiel87
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 3/17/2008 22:05  |    12
Hey good people. I think I'm finally ready to move the server this weekend. Reminder: the PJ Wordpress blog will be where I'll post in case the wheels come off the wagon.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 3/13/2008 23:07  |    16
This semi-regular feature will be focusing on some of the stupidest news stories on our wonderful planet.  All these stories are true and the people are as real as they are stupid.

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A man led police on a very slow-speed chase, refusing to stop while riding a lawn mower at about 3 mph across a busy street and steering it toward an officer before he was grabbed and arrested, a police report says.
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Posted by Ensellitis @ 2/28/2008 20:58  |    12 | Source
Hey there good people.

Pixel Joint is moving to another server very soon (next week or so) and we might have a few bugs including a full-blown system outage.  I've created a WordPress Blog to keep you posted just in case is unavailable.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 2/27/2008 23:18  |    15
deviantART is running a new competition in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Rat. The objective is to create a piece of pixel art displaying the subject of a rat or rats, using a limited colour palette of no more than 25 colours on a canvas size of 150x150pixels. Either GIF or PNG files are acceptable. It has started now and runs through to the 18th March.

First Prize will be $dA100 deviant dollars
Second Prize will be $dA50 deviant dollars
Third Prize will be $dA25 deviant dollars

These can be redeemed for anything from the deviantART shop including a subscription if that is desired.

If you enter please note me a link to your work on deviantART to and make a note in your artist comments it is for the competition.

If you you have not received a DD feature within the last three months the winner will also be featured with a DD.
Posted by ShoneGold @ 2/27/2008 03:42  |    6

Some cool pixel music vids to the song "Move your feet"
Anthough they've been around for a while, some people might want to see them again or see them for the first time.


Posted by cerealkiller54 @ 2/21/2008 21:12  |    14
A humorous video focusing on forums using pixel art for the visuals. Neat-o.

Check it.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 2/22/2008 00:55  |    13
icon has got to be one of the best freeware programs I have seen to battle MS paint.  Not only is it free, its also open source!  It has a bunch of awesome features that put somewhere between MS paint and Photoshop.

Features include...
  • layers
  • layer effects
  • dither brushes
  • better palette control
  • image color adjustments
  • and much much more.

Given it's written in .net, I wonder how hard it would be to make a canvas-networking plugin?  the possibilities are endless!  Definitely give this program a try.

Posted by Indigo @ 2/15/2008 20:58  |    29
Great news for the pixel art community, and especially 7even who's Okami 2D mockup got featured on Kotaku today!

And welcome to any kotakuists new to the joint - have a look around! There are tons of great pixel art to be found and seen :)
Posted by Toby @ 2/15/2008 02:39  |    4
TITLE: Top Pixel Art - February 2008
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for February 2008. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtTank vol.3 by 4tochkin
#2 Pixel ArtR U sure your mom let me stay? by Fool
#3 Pixel ArtSTOMP STOMP STOMP by FrankieSmileShow
#4 Pixel ArtRoadkill market leftovers by Fool
#5 Pixel ArtFantasy_Homestead by zi-double
#6 Pixel ArtTerrifying Monsters by ThereIsNoCure
#7 Pixel ArtAdvance wars: Kitchen force by Gas 13
#8 Pixel ArtCanine warriors outing by emlan
#9 Pixel ArtTrapped by mobichan
#10 Pixel ArtIn Admiration of the Monument by Zephiel87
Posted by jalonso @ 2/15/2008 06:12  |    6
A contest by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, where the artists were limited to using a single sheet of paper, has sparked some impressive results. Not quite pixel art, but certainly minimalist.

Check out the entries here.
Posted by iSTVAN @ 2/15/2008 18:52  |    9
Ok people, I am getting VERY sick of repeating myself.  So I am making a post, and this is EVERYONE's one and only warning.

DO NOT post the link changing URL.  Period.  It is not funny, it is not a prank...  It is immature and idiotic.

This is not debatable.  If you post it, you will be suspended from Pixel Joint.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 1/31/2008 15:03  |    68
I am the Gallery Director for Pixel Art at deviantART and  am trying to encourage Pixel Artists to display their work at  I am offering anyone who wins a challenge or gains an award at PixelJoint,  a likely  automatic DD Feature at deviantART, provided you are a member and have your work uploaded there of course. Even if you didn't gain first place here, your work may well gain a DD feature, so please upload win, place or lose.
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Posted by ShoneGold @ 1/30/2008 04:30  |    53
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for December 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtGluggernaut by Indigo
#2 Pixel ArtLate delivery for naughty boys by Fool
#3 Pixel ArtStage Bomber by Snake
#4 Pixel ArtHappy New Year , jointers=) by Fool
#5 Pixel ArtAtt Bortom Se by Frost
#6 Pixel Artmonsen by sondre
#7 Pixel ArtRace For Your Life by [thUg]
#8 Pixel ArtEmerging from the Cocoon by MashPotato
#9 Pixel ArtThat night, a firefly fell into my ear by iLKke
#10 Pixel ArtJumpy Dance by Indigo
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 1/27/2008 15:24  |    5
The pixel art community at DeviantART is growing. In october a new dA pixel art club named Pixel-Pax was started by me (lollige), and is now being run by Metaru, Shonegold and I. More than 120 members, and active challenges and collaborations every day.

Not a member of DeviantART yet?

This might be a good reason to join, helping the pixel community to grow, getting ourselves known by other artists aswell! Submit your pixel works, join and even more people can see your work now! Also you can immediately join the active Summer/Winter challenge, you might have seen a few entries of that in the PJ galleries.
At the same moment, the pixel art galleries on dA get cleaner every day thanks to the hard work of ShoneGold, the Gallery Director.
See you on dA!
Posted by Hapiel @ 1/16/2008 04:33  |    13
The title says it all... Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art pieces submitted in 2007.

Enjoy and congrats to all the magnificent artists. Your work inspires us all.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 1/1/2008 15:17  |    27
I've been getting some complaints from people who have been getting wildly inaccurate color counts on PNG files on Pixel Joint and I finally got a chance to look into that today.  It's definitely true and I am very sorry for that.  Until we can get the color count for PNGs fixed DO NOT trust the count.  Bring it into a program like Photoshop to get an accurate count. 

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas!
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 12/25/2007 14:19  |    9
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for November 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtRoadkill market vol.2 by Fool
#2 Pixel ArtDead Tree Zone by Lawrence
#3 Pixel ArtHoney, I'm home by Fool
#4 Pixel ArtVista: "swampmonster" by Morganne
#5 Pixel ArtThe Warriors by Adarias
#6 Pixel Artwinter gameshots by Scruffs
#7 Pixel Artbomberman mobile by Kennethfejer
#8 Pixel ArtFantasy Self-Portrait - Gargoyle by Wolverine
#9 Pixel ArtGoblin me by zyndikate
#10 Pixel Artwonderfully wobbleness~ by alkaline
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 12/17/2007 00:12  |    10
From time to time the oversaturated genre of Shoot 'em ups recieves some great astonishing titles with incredible graphics, gameplay, or soundtrack. and this is one that combines all of 'em. Chalk by Joakim Sandberg, its one of these. It has managed to wholly reclaim the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up genre with unique graphics, innovative game play and bold individualism.

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Posted by Metaru @ 12/8/2007 23:12  |    18 | Source
A true pixelart visionary is interviewed for NFG Games.
Many sample screens  and a good read too.
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Posted by jalonso @ 12/10/2007 04:32  |    10
Just a reminder to get your entries in before you go off on holiday.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 12/10/2007 00:05  |    0
A cool little e-card \ mini-game for Hanukkah!
heres the Link.
Posted by piki @ 12/6/2007 07:17  |    23
Likely one of, if not the most powerful and touching 600x96 resolution game you'll encounter this year, Jason Rohrer brings us Passage, a brief little adventure chronicling a person's lifetime from start to finish.
Posted by HMC @ 12/2/2007 15:25  |    42
Japanese researchers pitted college students against 5 year old chimps in computerized memory games.  The outcome may be linked to the theory that humans gave up much of this simple memory skill in order to develop complex language skills.

Read More Here...
Posted by Koch @ 12/3/2007 12:28  |    23
Hey, I'm posting this on behalf of Phil Hassey, who is currently hosting the competition. We sure could use some more graphic oriented competitors. Here is the message:

Ludum Dare 10 is coming! Ludum Dare is a regular community driven game development competition. The goal is, given a theme and 48 hours, to develop a game from scratch. Ludum Dare aims to encourage game design experimentation, and provide a platform to develop and practice rapid game prototyping.
We're also building an archive of entries from previous compos. Goto the compo site and add your old entries! They will be added to the screenshot grids:
Lastly, if you have participated in previous LD's and have a game-dev related blog, I'd be thrilled to aggregate it onto the site. Create an account and then contact me with your blog info and I will add it ASAP.
Hope to see you there!
Posted by drZool @ 12/1/2007 12:25  |    1

The Cal Band performed a video game medley at a football game against Washington State.  It includes Pong, Tetris, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Bros.  It's upside-down, but you get the picture. 

Watch it here! 

Posted by AdamPlays @ 11/15/2007 11:19  |    0
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for October 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtAdventure Background: Graveyard by buloght
#2 Pixel ArtCan't touch this by Fool
#3 Pixel ArtRoadkill market by Fool
#4 Pixel ArtMonks can fly too! by The B.O.B.
#5 Pixel ArtParenting by Fool
#6 Pixel ArtPixelween 2007 : Symphony of mass destruction by dakael
#7 Pixel ArtAerodynamic by Fool
#8 Pixel ArtTroll Titan wants to fight with the Corinthians too! by Helm
#9 Pixel ArtThe Queen of Hearts by MashPotato
#10 Pixel ArtWoodoo by Fool
Posted by Ensellitis @ 11/17/2007 06:59  |    30
Hard pixel art toy Bindeez found to convert to GHB (a.k.a. fantasy, liquid ecstasy, etc.) when swallowed by kiddies.
News Article
Posted by surt @ 11/6/2007 21:50  |    27
Thank you to all who took part in this years Pixelween competition. There were some great entries but there can only be 3 winners sadly.

Read on for the results...
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Posted by pixelblink @ 11/3/2007 11:42  |    23
Thank you to all that entered this years Pixelween contest. There's some awesome entries and it will take a couple of days or so to figure out the winners. Stay tuned for the final results!
Posted by pixelblink @ 10/30/2007 05:16  |    3
Just a friendly reminder to have your Pixelween 2007 entries ready by October 29th.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 10/24/2007 22:33  |    5

Pixel Mazes!

Pixel your own 550x400 mazes - and play them! 

Play the Tutorial first - it's a pixel maze Mario style.  Find the blue dot to win.

Posted by AdamPlays @ 10/23/2007 17:09  |    5
IGN did an article on video game character halloween costumes. It's IGN, so I assume this has already been on the intarwebs for years now. But, I've never seen the Day of the Tentacle costumes before(which are awesome) and want all to see them in their glory.

Check it.

DOTT <3 <3 xoxoxo
Posted by crab2selout.png @ 10/21/2007 22:50  |    7
With only 9 more days to go, I thought some of you might need some more motivation. So, without further adieu, I present the prizes:

First Place
Second Place:
Third Place
Posted by pixelblink @ 10/20/2007 12:34  |    8

Can't afford the Orange box?  That's ok.  You can play the Flash version of Portal for free - and it's just as good as the original!  It even saves your progress.  Check it out!

Game Description:  Fire once to open up a portal and again at the location you want to reach. Walk through one portal and you'll come out the 2nd. Use that to escape each room etc. This is the flash version of the Valve game portal.

Posted by AdamPlays @ 10/17/2007 13:12  |    17
Hey there folks. Just a reminder that entries can be submitted for Pixelween 2007 starting today.  October 29th is the last day entries will be accepted so get started soon!

Also, check out the lovely design pixelblink put together for the contest.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 10/15/2007 21:10  |    7
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for September 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel Art9-bit Nebula by FraGMarE
#2 Pixel ArtRed Fuse - Self Harm by Larwick
#3 Pixel ArtRetro Remake: Werewolves...  by Wolverine
#4 Pixel ArtSouth square by dakael
#5 Pixel ArtBattersea by exocet
#6 Pixel ArtGrassland by konix
#7 Pixel ArtFreaky-ass mutant...! by FrankieSmileShow
#8 Pixel ArtThe B.o.B.(BEHEMOTH...) by The B.O.B.
#9 Pixel ArtBad Old Bob _ (grandpa maniac) by jamon
#10 Pixel ArtBABAROOGAAA! - spookygranny! by jamon
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 10/15/2007 20:34  |    6

A crowd of Koreans at a soccer game form a Human LCD with only their clothes. Thats right, no cards.

You can see it here:

Posted by BlackDragon @ 10/13/2007 09:56  |    4
The contest is open until October 29th at 12am PST.

I neglected to mention it in my original post. Oops! My bad!
This should quell any and all sense of panic for those that thought they only had until Oct. 15th to submit.

Once again, there will be prizes (TBA) as well as a fancy page set up as in previous Pixelweens.
Posted by pixelblink @ 10/6/2007 20:17  |    4
As part of the Jay is games competition #4 ( the team stimunation has entered with a short but fun little adventure style minigame. The pixelart is leaning towards the old LucasArts classics of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. It's short... but with some quality pixels in there.

Check it out!
Posted by DayDream @ 10/6/2007 14:35  |    3
Many thanks to Larwick for his spectacular award graphic upgrades (and jalonso, Ensellitis and iSTVAN for paving the way). 
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/17/2007 22:14  |    27

The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for August 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/17/2007 21:43  |    12
I'm glad to announce that thanks to ptoing and adam atomic Pixelation is back up and fully functional again, and it has moved to a new location as well.

Please update your links to
Posted by miascugh @ 9/16/2007 07:25  |    5
written by Aleiav

Pixel art is a considerably new art-form, which tends to attract people who are considerably new to art. People fall into art through dolls, making icons, making sprites, etc. and are often unaware of the artistic atmosphere that goes on in many communities. While some communities don't have this type of artistic atmosphere, Pixel Joint is one of the forums that do. And for those of you who are new to it, it may require a little adjustment. But with this program, hopefully you can transition into the art world easily.
Read the full post...

Posted by pixelblink @ 9/6/2007 11:14  |    26
I created a new theme for PJ using a kind of flat-minimalistic style. I called it "Pure Joy" (PJ) and I hope you all enjoy. Check it out in the Pixel Joint Themes section.

If you have any suggestion or simply wants to express your opinion leave a comment.
Posted by Animmaniac @ 9/2/2007 13:26  |    18
Sony is having a create a character contest for the re-release of Parappa the Rapper on the PSP.  Link HERE.
Posted by klav @ 8/24/2007 09:06  |    10
Yahtzee, the guy who brought us some fantastic games, has started doing game reviews on The Escapist. Check it out. So when you're not totally engrossed in playing his games, check out his reviews.
Posted by pmprog @ 8/27/2007 04:43  |    3
Seems someone has discovered that the Mario 2 released for the NES was infact stolen!
It was an exact ripoff of a game called Doki Doki Panic.

Click here to see what I'm talking about.
Now if you don't want to hear the guy bash Mario 2, and straight to what I am talking about.
Then skip right to 6mins and 30secs into the video.

You will then see the truth about Mario Bro's 2.
Posted by Souly @ 8/21/2007 16:43  |    70
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for July 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtThe Inner Depths of Natalie's... by Gas 13
#2 Pixel ArtThe Alkonost by MashPotato
#3 Pixel ArtLegend of Iya. Bearos walk cycle. by DarkfalzX
#4 Pixel ArtBuratino by Fool
#5 Pixel ArtAtlantis by Gas 13
#6 Pixel ArtThe Night They Returned... by The B.O.B.
#7 Pixel ArtRed Goddess by nvision
#8 Pixel ArtManga Taisen by Heartless
#9 Pixel ArtSOTC gender bender challenge! by ilkke
#10 Pixel ArtMetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron by Orkimides
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 8/21/2007 00:36  |    3
Warning, the following video might cause you to become more manly...

A guy reviews Heavenly Sword and Resident Evil 5 trailers most bodaciously.

Posted by Gil @ 8/16/2007 17:33  |    3
Peter Stemmler and Nana Rausch, the German artists responsible for the popular pixel and vector site, Quickhoney, have been recently interviewed by the folks over at Format Magazine.

Have a read!
Posted by pixelblink @ 8/20/2007 22:18  |    12

An online game making site with over 2000 accounts and is starting to get the word out about the site. It allows developers to create their own game worlds.

Read the full post...

Posted by rogue pixel @ 8/18/2007 11:12  |    11

Finally, there is an online gif animator from the cool cats at
This brand new online tool with all the needed features is available.
Just make your frames and upload, set timing and thats it.

Read the full post...

Posted by jalonso @ 8/12/2007 15:42  |    24
In the attempt to bring pixel art out of the dumpster at deviantArt, Shonegold and I have been burning the midnight oil (well, not at the same time since we are on opposite sides of the earth).  Many ideas have been coming up, and Shonegold has come up with a winner...

Starting now, any person who wins the weekly competition here at PJ, will also recieve a Daily Deviation IF they have a dA account and submit their piece.

Day by day, dA is starting to get back into the Pixel Art game...
Posted by Ensellitis @ 8/4/2007 06:01  |    24
Take a sneak peak at footage and screen shots of the Lost Game that will be previewed at Comic-Con. Sawyer looks incredibly spot on.
Posted by Skull @ 7/27/2007 01:38  |    11
Anyone here heading to Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend? 
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 7/25/2007 09:28  |    10
Funny comics guy extraordinaire Nedroid was recently challenged to make 200 bad comics. While he did manage to do 200 comics, he didn't quite succeed in making them bad. In fact, they're quite awesome.

Check eet. And while you're at it, take a look at the rest of his site and his picture diary.
Posted by Blueberry_pie @ 7/21/2007 01:41  |    14
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for June 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtPoison tree by Fool
#2 Pixel ArtWeedy by Fool
#3 Pixel ArtDon't Look Back by S.A.S
#4 Pixel ArtRainu - Clawder - Wolshock by Ahruon
#5 Pixel Art0 by Lawrence
#6 Pixel ArtTennis Vs Pong by Stickman
#7 Pixel ArtDon't Look Her in the Eye... by MashPotato
#8 Pixel ArtChompy by Morganne
#9 Pixel ArtPokémon Evolving challenge by Snake
#10 Pixel ArtEgg/Shell Wars by Orkimides
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 7/15/2007 23:52  |    3
Samsung was kind enough to treat the world to a human pixel performance.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 7/15/2007 20:40  |    6
Shonegold, as of July 3rd, is the new official gallery director of pixel art at DeviantArt. She wants to get pixel art back in the spotlights and build a strong Pixel art community on DA.
Read more information in her journal

Don't be afraid submitting your pixels to DA, I'm sure they are welcome!
Posted by Hapiel @ 7/13/2007 04:59  |    19
Check out this video of  someone creating pixel art using only HTML tables. Could you possibly make it more complicated? Even MSPaint is more efficient.

This is just crazy.
Posted by Tomas @ 6/27/2007 11:20  |    19
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for May 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtRider by Fool
#2 Pixel ArtFood Stamp by ilkke
#3 Pixel ArtRPG Tetris - Weekly Challenge by DoMINo
#4 Pixel ArtSumo: men in diapers by Fool
#5 Pixel ArtOdell by Wayuki
#6 Pixel ArtFoolish Rider by iSTVAN
#7 Pixel ArtMonkey business av by Fool
#8 Pixel ArtAgent BlackOlive by jamon
#9 Pixel ArtLegend of Iya DS "mockup"... by DarkfalzX
#10 Pixel ArtAAARGH! by jamon
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/19/2007 00:22  |    11
A step by step look at exactly how Capcom are redoing all the sprites.

A must see
Posted by jmgandalf @ 6/18/2007 14:54  |    10
A Japanese toy manufacturer is producing robot toys made out of wood.

Check it
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/16/2007 15:34  |    11 | Source
Another artist started a kind of community collab. He offers an image and asks his page visitors to place one of the 197138 pixels. Kind of cool: The palette is limited to 16 colors. Whatever is going to grow there, it will probably take some time. Maybe it will develop faster if you help.
Posted by d-p @ 6/16/2007 05:52  |    7
I think we all have a different opinions toward global warming and we are all tired of hearing debates over this, but it does affect us all and this guy have a very very strong argument. We are playing the fate of humanity here and it's in our interest to pick the right decision and to have the right information.

This video may open your eyes or renforce your current views on the subject
Posted by Di0xygen @ 6/14/2007 11:59  |    6

Dan Didrick's X-Finger prosthesis replaces digits lost to wear and tear with fully-mobile artifical replacements. Moreover, it does so without any electrical components at all!  Find out more here.

Posted by AdamPlays @ 6/14/2007 15:19  |    0
The software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next

Video  | Website
Posted by drZool @ 6/14/2007 07:27  |    9
I know it's getting a bit late for The Joint's weekly challenge run, but I have to mention this because I just sent back the third entry that wasn't the right size:  YOU HAVE TO USE THE TEMPLATE FOR THE JOINT ROOM.  This means you have to work within the boundaries of the walls and floor and not change the width or height of the template graphic.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/9/2007 12:37  |    0

If American teenagers during the Cold War ever stopped to consider how their Eastern bloc counterparts spent the weekend, they probably imagined dreary groups of Red Youth robotically singing hymns to Soviet wheat production and discussing the glories of socialist brotherhood from Hanoi to Havana.

They likely would have been surprised to know that in movie theaters, train stations and recreation centers across the U.S.S.R., packs of Soviet youth huddled around upright video games with coins lined up along the edge of the screen, same as at any mall in Jersey.


Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/7/2007 08:55  |    9 | Source

The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced today that the Star Wars character Yoda will be featured on a single stamp to be issued later this summer.

The Jedi Master received the most votes in a 2-month-long online poll the USPS held asking Americans to choose which image from their commemorative Star Wars 15-stamp sheet, which was unveiled on March 28, 2007, should be selected to appear on its own stamp.

Read  more.

Posted by Art_Sempai @ 5/28/2007 11:15  |    3
   I guess it's true what they say; Pretty soon, everything will have to be switched to HIgh-Def. And when I say everything, I mean it. Even the world's first successful fighting game franchise. That's right, nerds. All you Street Fighter fanboys wake up and rejoice! Capcom, along with it's Udon comics partner, have apparently been working on a new Street Fighter game. The sprites for the old Street Fighter 2 games will be completely redrawn and remastered in high def, and presented in high res up to 1080 pi. I'm excited to see what eye candy Udon artists can provide us Street Fighter whores, to keep up company until official word leaks out, of a new Street Fighter 4!(we can only hope...)
Read the full post...

Posted by The B.O.B. @ 6/3/2007 20:18  |    10
Pleo is an authentic Life Form. Treat him gently like any other living thing. Pleo will let you know how he feels at any moment. That's because he is capable of actual emotions including joy, aggression, sorrow, and fear. He can also yawn, sigh, sniff, sniffle, snore, cough, hiccup, and sneeze.

A pet that doesn't poop on your floor.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/2/2007 13:23  |    13
"A cognitive bias is something that our minds commonly do to distort our own view of reality. Here are the 26 most studied and widely accepted cognitive biases.

Oh and, by the way, you’ll never be able to truly gauge any of the biases you might be operating under since it’s not possible to accurately observe a system you’re part of. Now, get out there and delude yourself!"

Read the list...
Posted by Ensellitis @ 5/29/2007 07:40  |    8
Sony have developed the thinnest television to date - only 0.3 millimeters thick!  A very short video, but totally worth the watch for this breakthrough technology.
Posted by Skull @ 5/28/2007 03:33  |    12
Looking to give back to PJ a little bit?  Here is your chance.  I am assembling a team, a "PJ mod squad" if you will...

I need 3 individuals to help in investigations of questionable pixel art.  You will track down sources of suspected rips, color reductions, and non pixel art.
Read the full post...

Posted by Ensellitis @ 5/27/2007 09:16  |    36
A Marvel Comics hero is giving George Washington some company on the quarter, but the U.S. Mint doesn't think the stunt is so super.  To promote the upcoming film "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," 20th Century Fox and The Franklin Mint altered 40,000 U.S. quarters to feature the character.

The U.S. Mint said in a news release Friday that it learned of the promotional quarter this week and advised the studio and The Franklin Mint they were breaking the law. It is illegal to turn a coin into an advertising vehicle, and violators can face a fine. 

Posted by Art_Sempai @ 5/25/2007 21:43  |    5
You might've noticed that profile and pixelart (and a few other things) is inaccessible at the moment.  This is due to me forgetting to register a product on the new web server.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to fix this issue until 7PM PST.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 5/23/2007 12:31  |    3
In Japan, an international award ceremony for anime and manga has just been created, which artists all over the world are able to participate in. The prizes include visiting Japan for 10 days and meeting anime artists.
Posted by OMGFossil @ 5/22/2007 14:17  |    1
Recently, there has been some “confusion” as to what pixel art is here, and what is and isn’t allowed to be submitted into the gallery.  Furthermore, once and for all, the staff are going to define what pixel art is defined as here on Pixel Joint.  Other sites and even within our community definitions do vary. Because it leads to confusion and because the pixelart artform is what we all should be focused on as a community, we will begin being slightly stricter than we have been in the past.
Read the full post...

Posted by Ensellitis @ 5/17/2007 17:16  |    50

Create a character using a DS Lite design tool and you can have your creation appear in a THQ game and win a $500 prize in addition to various other goodies courtesty of IGN. 

More details here...

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 5/17/2007 13:23  |    18
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for April 2007. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.
#1 Pixel ArtWarrior of Light by Wayuki
#2 Pixel Artilkke in the woods by jamon
#3 Pixel ArtTotemTree by pain
#4 Pixel ArtMy forest scene by MichaS
#5 Pixel ArtJamon in the woods by ilkke
#6 Pixel ArtCMYNRGB Draaaagon by MichaS
#7 Pixel ArtHe who must not be named by Helm
#8 Pixel ArtPray Forgiveness, O My Brothers!... by Tremulant
#9 Pixel ArtLight and Twilight by Ahruon
#10 Pixel ArtTake My Hand by Lawrence
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 5/16/2007 17:32  |    5
For all you Mike Judge fans, and kids too young to remember: the genius of Beavis and Butt-head.
Posted by utt73 @ 5/16/2007 17:03  |    6
Wednesday May 16, Microsoft will release a 2-D shooter called "Aegis Wing"  that a few interns made last summer.  The download is completely FREE but only available to residents in the USA and only for a limited time.
Posted by klav @ 5/14/2007 19:31  |    13
GamePro presents an intriguing list of influential games although I'm completely shocked that they missed Herzog Zwei which was the start of an entire genre (Real Time Strategy)?
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 5/12/2007 16:08  |    29

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